Comic Foundry Magazine To End February 2009

by Jeff

Originally posted by Tim Leong on the Comic Foundry blog

When we launched Comic Foundry Magazine it was a breath of fresh air to the industry and introduced a variety of coverage in types of stories never seen before in the comics press. We found praise and a fanbase that had a deep passion for the content we created. Together, my team helped changed the game. Comic Foundry means the world to me, which is why it saddens me to an unexplainable extent to say that our next issue will be our last. I’m sorry to admit that I’ve reached the unfortunate point where my career no longer allows enough time to do the magazine. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” my high school journalism teacher used to say. In this case, I’d rather cease publication than put out issues we don’t have time to devote to fully — less than 100 percent is not an option.

So what does this mean? Well, we have one last amazing blowout issue that comes out in early February — we’ll be at NYCC, MoCCA and probably even SDCC. If you have a subscription with pending issues you’ll be reimbursed. (Again, finances are not the reason for our early departure).

I want to take this time to thank my right hand (wo)man — Laura Hudson. She’s had my back every step of the way and I probably would’ve made this announcement much, much sooner if it weren’t for her. I also want to thank all of our contributors for believing in our vision — their efforts were the backbone of our success, and I owe it all to them. I also want to thank our readers and our supporters online, especially Heidi MacDonald, Blog@Newsarama v1, Tom Spurgeon, Matt Fraction, Chris Murphy, Brendan McGuirk, Sean McDevitt, Brigid Alverson, Peter Svensson, John Parker, Jason Michelitch, Tucker Stone, Michael Tedder, Ernie Estrella, Adan Jimenez, Evie Nagy, Matthew Badham, Caleb Goellner, Van Jensen, Brian Heater, Kai-Ming Cha, Sarah Jaffe, Freeman Jack, Alan Kistler, Chip Zdarsky, Jay Franco, Vikram Tank, Complex, TJ Wilkinson, Holly Wray, Chris Allen and Amber Mitchell and countless others — you guys/girls have had our backs from the get-go, and it means the world.

Thank you,
Tim Leong
Editor In Chief
Comic Foundry Magazine

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