Comic creators heap praise upon THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPER

by Jeff

JAN121215 Comic creators heap praise upon THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPERMedia Release — With only two months left until the truth is made known, and amidst continued government interference, a handful of comic creators have decided to take the risk and read the first issue of Brian Churilla’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPER.

Simply knowing the truth is dangerous enough, but in a show of support they have all stepped forward to add their praise to the upcoming comic! THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPER hits comic stores world wide on March 14th 2012. The truth will be known!

“DANG! Killer! This comic is CRAZY COOL, beautiful to look at and a blast to read!” – Michael Allred (Madman, iZOMBIE)

“Few people can pull off the strangeness and monster boogie the way Brian Churilla does with THE SECRET HISTORY OF D. B. COOPER. He takes history and conspiracy and samurai swords and one-eared teddy bears, tosses them in a blender with lots of slime-dripping beasties, and mixes up a story of mental warfare that goes down nice and smooth. Here’s a secret that deserves to see the light of day.” – Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Wolverine)

“This is the book Brian Churilla was born to create. Eerie, compelling, energetic, fun … packed with monsters, mystery, mind-tripping and mayhem. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the secrets…” – Kurt Busiek (Astro City)

“A dazzling work of sheer lunacy. Everything you want from a conspiracy comic, plus, Monsters!” – Joshua Hale Fialkov (I; Vampire, Echoes)

“The only mystery more confounding than the ultimate fate of D.B. Cooper is why Brian Churilla isn’t already the biggest thing in comics. After readers get a look at THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER that will change in a hurry.” – Phillip Hester (Wonder Woman, The Darkness)

“Brian Churilla has taken one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century and transformed it into one of the most innovative comics of the 21st. THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPER is absolutely required reading.” – Joe Keatinge, (Glory, Hell Yeah)

“Wow. I love this book.” – Mike Mignola (Hellboy)

“I love what [Brian] does, it has so much punch, vitality, and fun in it… The book is loaded with fun stuff: inter-dimensional travel, intrigue, otherworldly monsters, a wicked little teddy bear… you won’t be disappointed!” – J.H. Willaims III (Batwoman)

“A super surreal pulp-infused assassin story topped up with violence and sass.” – Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Makeshift Miracle)

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