Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts

by Ariel Lazo

bjab_3-196x300 Comic Cover Trivia and FirstsQuick! Where did Superman make his first appearance? Where did Batman? How about Iron Man? Yeah, I know these are easy questions but what about which comic was first to be glow-in-the-dark? Which was first to be a variant? Got you there right? As much as we know about the character themselves, we know little about the comics books that hold them. For example, did you know there is a comic that has a bullet hole in it and it’s used as part of the story as well? Keep reading and soon you will know the answers to these and other questions that will make you the King of Trivia!

First Cover to use a Hologram

boffo_laffs-199x300 Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts

Boffo Laffs #1

This book is from 1986 by ParaGraphics. It holds the honor of being the first comic to have a hologram on its cover. Although not a book in any kind of demand, it is still cool to own. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the census for this book yet. You can actually still grab this for under $10 if you look around well enough. At least now you who did it first!


First Cover to have a Variant

Comic_Book_-_Man_of_Steel_1_1986-196x300 Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts


Man of Steel #1 Variant

So this is the book that we should all blame for every single damn variant that hits the market. It holds the title as the first book to INTENTIONALLY have a variant. Since then we have seen publishers go CRAZY with variants (look at Detective Comics #1000). This variant cover was created by the amazing John Byrne who has also done work on the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Still available for dirt cheap with a graded 9.8 having an FMV of only $70. Long term value? Personally, I see none, but like with many here, still worth having one.


First Comic to be shot with a bullet

bjab_3-196x300 Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts

JAB #3

You read that right! Limited to about 3,000 copies, each book was shot in the center with a real bullet. The bullet used is a .22 caliber round. The bullet hole is actually worked into the artwork making it a very cool comic to own. Although we see nothing in the census, it’s worth owning just because come on, where else will you find a comic with an intentional bullet hole? That alone makes it worth having, just don’t spend more than $50 on it.


First Glow-in-the-Dark Cover

711966_d0d21c7dd43e8e9b0da861bed2972f6dd62ddee6-196x300 Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts

Ghost Rider #15

This beautiful cover is the first to use Glow-in-the-Dark ink to light the fires of hell on Ghost Rider. This variant still holds a nice FMV with a 9.8 holding at $90. If you have one, cool, if not, don’t worry I don’t think this will be a regrettable miss. However, believe it or not, heating these covers on a heat press brings back the ink to allow it to glow again.


Most Variant Variant Cover

713128_quantum-woody-2017-1-cover-e-250-copy-cover-most-variant-cover-195x300 Comic Cover Trivia and Firsts

Quantum & Woody #1 Variant

Yes, there is a comic that actually holds this title as well. This variant has the most variants when compared to others. It features Chromium, Die-Cut, Foil, Embossing, Iridescent Ink, Lenticular, a sticker, and is hand-numbered. But wait! There’s more! (Actually no there isn’t just couldn’t resist).  Currently, this book is sitting pretty at 9.8 being valued at $300 with an all-time high of $595 in 2018. Worth getting? Eh but cool to own.


So there are a few cool tidbits for you to brag to your friends about. Would you like to see more comic trivia? Drop me a line below!

Do any of you own a copy of any of these keys? If so leave a comment!

Till next time, Happy Hunting!


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