Comic-Con Comics: Hellboy

by Norman Robinson III

241604_52da21e99371a528e7f06876a828ab444d235497-197x300 Comic-Con Comics: HellboyMany have visited Comic-Con over the years. Some of you may have picked up their free comic books. Often these are of limited distribution. There are probably not many of these comic books surviving today. They can be rare collectibles from a bygone era (the 90s)  and now, potential money in the bank. If you visited San Diego Comic-Con in 1993 they were giving away these free comics. Perhaps you own one; search your bargain bins, look in your discard stacks, browse the comics you left in your garage, or worse yet your attic. What are you looking for? Well, Hellboy first appeared in a free giveaway at San Diego Comic Con years ago in 1993. The comic is San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2. The artist team is filled with the best that comic art had to offer: Don Martin, John Byrne, Paul Chadwick, Art Adams, Frank Miller, Rick Geary, Mike “Hellboy” Mignola, Dave Gibbons, James O’Barr, and Matt Wagner. From this petry dish of who is who in comic books Hellboy was born.

San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2

Currently, the first appearance of Hellboy has surged 544 ranks to #134th most popular comic book overall. There are 670 outstanding with the Census at CGC. This is practically everything that is available in my opinion. Unless you are an avid Hellboy fan, you probably wouldn’t even know this comic exists. Recently, though someone is buying them and when you take a look at the returns you can see why.

  • Grade 9.8 with $600 FMV has a positive return of +16.1%
  • Grade 9.6 with $290 FMV has a positive return of +29.6%
  • Grade 9.4 with $260 FMV has a positive return of +37.5%
  • Grade 8.0 with $160 FMV has a positive return +111.7%

images-2 Comic-Con Comics: HellboyHellboy Movie

What can I say about this movie in regards to the comic book? Ron Pearlman is Hellboy and the actor playing Hellboy this time around is not Ron Pearlman. They have one helluva a director on this movie HellBoy (2019) however. The director is Neil Marshall. Now this name might not jump out at you at first. But he is the guy that directed “Blackwater” for GOT. If you liked Game of Thrones, you probably loved Blackwater which is an episode with an epic storming of the walls of King’s Landing. He makes kinetic films, and does a great job with character development, and obviously cinematography. But, he didn’t write it, and the new guy playing Hellboy though good, doesn’t capture the character in the clips I have seen like Pearlman. Funny thing is it has been 11 years since Pearlman played Hellboy and the fans might not care.

This comic San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 has moved up the rankings and has a good trend returns in the +100% range. For the 1990s a comic book return in that range is pretty good. This book is a great bet if you can find one, sit on it for the next three versions of Hellboy. The rarity of this book is a must for slabbing and saving as a long-term investment. However, I would take profits after two more sequels because I think this franchise has some limitations long-term.




San Diego Comic Con Comics #2

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