Comic Book War Profiteering

by Norman Robinson III

117165_e6f4b8a75f0df40c7cf85f57c264e26d315d5079-198x300 Comic Book War Profiteering

This soldier came to life during another war, World War II. Then he was fighting Nazi and slugging out Hitler; but even today Captain America is still an icon. One of his most popular appearances is during the Silver Age in Avengers #4 (1964), created by the legendary team of Kirby and Stan Lee. This comic is Cap’s first appearance in the Avengers. Additionally, this is also the first Silver Age appearance of Bucky (Cap’s sidekick). Let’s call this issue two; for the price of one.

This comic has a significant catalyst in the upcoming movie Avengers: Infinity War; due out on the big screen in May 2018. This super-being war picture is going to be nothing less than awe-inspiring; with Josh Brolin as the villain and the sparkling Chris Evans as our erstwhile hero Captain America. I am glad Hollywood waited until CGI could make this crazy inter-galactic war look real.

No amount of CGI can hide the significant comic book returns on Avengers #4. Currently, a near mint (9.2 grade) returned 16% over the last six years. The best category to own in your back issue box is a very fine (8.0), which has, in fact, returned 60.1% (GoCollect). There are some lucky speculators out there who own this Silver Age key.

Avengers #4 has the rarity of an early Silver Age collectible, combined with a film release catalyst, enhanced by our beloved Captain America and a host of other impressive Avengers. After all, this is the first appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age. Prepare for the coming war this May and buy any grade of Avengers #4 you can lay hands on. Load up the speculative armory, stock up with enough comic gems to sell to all the infinity warriors in the MCU fanbase. You too can be a comic book war profiteer.

If you like comic book war profits; then try speculating on some of these:

The Silver Surfer #44 (1987) Ron Lim and Jim Starlin, continues the Thanos Quest from 1990. Now that Thanos has acquired all the Infinity Gems; Drax the Destroyer and the galactic Silver Surfer try their hand at stopping him. This prelude to the Infinity storyline lays the groundwork for the infinity saga and what better creative team for Silver Surfer than Ron Lim and Jim Starlin

Picking up where the Surfer saga ended, the team of George Perez and Jim Starlin created the Infinity Gauntlet #1 (1991). Thanos has combined the gems onto one Infinity Gauntlet and threatens the known universe. Can Earth’s super-heroes stop him in time? After all, who can stand against the power of the Gauntlet? It will take a variety of heroes; indeed, no lone wolf can tackle the solution.

This key has shown consistent price stability and appreciation; a near mint (9.4) grade has a returned 36% over the last six years (GoCollect). From a return on investment in the high 30’s, the Infinity Gauntlet #1 is reasonable speculation for the Modern Age of comics.

The gauntlet story leads us to the Infinity saga with Infinity War #1 (1992). This a very popular story in the 1990’s which appeals to Millenials. Additionally, this comic has a 30% return for 9.4 grade. This sequel ties into the film due out in May 2018. The story has a large cast, a motley soup of heroes, villains and inter-planetary powerhouses like Galactus.

Bloodshot Acclaim

Independent labels can come out of nowhere and knock our socks off, and some of them make for great speculation plays. For instance, RAI #0 (1992) with script by Bob Layton and pencils from David Lapham is possibly one of those independent comics that makes a splash. This comic book is the first appearance of Rai (Rising Spirit) and Bloodshot in this publication by Acclaim.

This independently published issue Rai #0 has risen 145 ranks to 14th most popular modern age comic. Best of all, this thing is still relatively cheap with a 9.8 near mint selling for $86 five days ago (GoCollect). Another 1990’s hero from an independent comic publisher. This issue has had mixed results, but anything under a 9.4 has profited nicely. Currently, there have been over 700 sales total since publication. Most independent comics, our rarely worthy of speculation, perhaps this independent issue is the exception.

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