Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020

by Norman Robinson III

amazing-spider-man-300-196x300 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020Several months ago I was tracking three comic book trends during the initial Covid-19 experience: Eternals #1, FF#48, and ASM #300.  The economy was in serious freefall as was the market. The results were comforting for all who have a passion for comics and speculation. It was alive and well. In fact, the business for most online retailers spiked up. I thought it might be worth checking back in with these comics to get a mid-year picture.

This is the refrain I came up with back in April. “So this speculator is going to stay hunkered down; what the heck; time to read a ton of comics! Now all this begs the question are all our comics increasing in value or taking a hit from the economic slowdown? Well, let’s take a look back at the three different books I reviewed in March and get an April update. Which age of comics faired the best in the first half of 2020 from our initial picks in May?”

Comic Book Trends:

FF-48 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020Fantastic Four #48

“If you can afford it now is a great time to buy this book; for example, Fantastic Four #48 in grade 8.0 very fine is down negative -16%. Now we if you are an iron-willed investor, or just a merely full of hot air.” This was my take on April’s 2020 for the Gerber baby Fantastic Four #48. How did this book and its compatriots hold up over the last two-plus months? Further, is this big key still listing, or has it finally got some wind in its sails? In the words of Ben Grimm, “It’s clobberin’ time!” But which of the comic ages will come out on top in the match up? 

eternals-194x300 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020Eternals #1

“The Eternal’s first appearance was flying high last month (written in April’s review). This month; not so much, with a -36% decline in positive trend returns.” I am not “eternally” optimistic over the future of the Eternals comics. We need a great deal more hype from the upcoming movie, unfortunately, the only thing getting the hype is the darn awful virus nowadays. Check out the results of my impromptu trend poll below.


Amazing Spider-Man #300

April’s Conclusion

amazing-spider-man-300-196x300 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020

“Well, folks, the winner is Venom! The Modern Age held up well during this tumultuous time period. Amazing Spider-Man #300 last month has seen a month over month increase of +37%. The trending return is a solid positive +24.5%. Further, and this is the “coup de grace” to the other two ages, it has almost solid green in every grade category.” Is the ASM #300 still the king of the pack? Can Spidey win again, against all odds, against the powerful contenders of the Bronze and Silver Ages? 

Of course, he can this is Spider-Man for Stan’s sake! He beat the X-Men single-handed and made Wolverine look like a fool, “Nuff said!”



Title Grade March April June  July 15th
Modern Age-Amazing Spider-Man #300 6.0 -12.5%   +24.5% +14.1% +22.5%
Bronze Age-Eternals #1 6.5 +57.8% -36.8% -23.4% -20.6%
Silver Age- Fantastic Four #48 6.5 +1.3% -0.2% +7.3% +7.7%

eternals-1-300x259 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020Comic Book Trends Conclusion:

Two months ago I posited that perhaps we were seeing the emergence of the Modern Age (Copper) onto the speculation stage. That Amazing Spider-Man #300‘s dominance was a sign of things to come. That Eternals had lost its March lead, remember dear speculators “beware the Ides of March” (Shakespeare). Further that even the Silver Age was sputtering as if out of gas. Well, folks, that prediction was on the money.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 dominated June and July on the GoCollect trend analysis. The current trend return is +22.5%. Eternals #1 are in a negative return trend across the board. However, Fantastic Four #48 has shown some grit and managed to eke out third place with a solid 7% return for both summer months. The winner and one true king is Amazing Spider-Man #300 still on top and loving it. To my Uncle Thomas, I say, “Kudos to you!” To all you big fans of ASM #300 great job. 


eternals-194x300 Comic Book Trends: The First Half of 2020This month, I actually like Eternals #1 it is a solid turn around play. The movie should start churning up the media market right after the election in November. Now is a good time to buy on the cheap. At the first of the year on 1/19/20 grade 6.5 sold for $100, today that same copy is going for between $47 and $74. If you can find one somewhere around $60 you have a $40 upside. This is a small speculation play, but to quote Jeff Bezos, “I like to start small and grow.” These are words that any member of the Eternals fan club should be able to relate to.


Happy hunting guys and gals! 


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Patrick T Bain July 16, 2020 - 8:29 pm

Interesting study that parallels questions I had about the original art market ( It would be helpful to know what the number of sales were that went into this study. By the way, what happened to May? I’m assuming there were no sales of the particular issue/grade that month. I think a similar review with a broader middle range to survey from might be better to flatten out some of the price deviations. It’s probably not “true” that Amazing Spider-Man 300 after all these years has chosen to increase in value by 50% nor it in the case that Eternals 1 has truly dropped in value by nearly 40% since the study began. Nonetheless, still interesting.

Norman Robinson III August 1, 2020 - 5:24 pm

Yeah, the nuance of the ranges and modeling used certainly have limits. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion on the middle range. That is where the consistency truly lies with pricing. Thanks for reading and great comments. Nam


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