Comic Book Market Predictions for 2023

by Don

122822C-1024x536 Comic Book Market Predictions for 2023As we turn the page on 2022 and look towards 2023, what will 2023 have in store for the comic book investing market? Any experienced stock investor will tell you to never time the market. Instead, if you have the money, keep investing during this buyer’s market and ensure you don’t miss out on an eventual recovery in the comic book market.

We are not in a recession.

You will hear many non-economists casually saying on YouTube that we’re in a recession. We are not in a recession, folks. As we all know, the Federal Reserve has been steadily increasing interest rates for the past six consecutive months. If we were actually in a recession, the Federal Reserve would be doing the opposite by cutting interest rates.

Rather, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates because the economy is overheating, The U.S. unemployment rate remains at a historically low level (3.7%), employee wages continue to rise, and GDP was positive (2.9%) in Q3 of 2022. These are indicators of a roaring economy. In addition, we’ve seen signs of inflation finally slowing down.

Then Why is the Comic Book Market Still Tanking?

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If we’re not in a recession and inflation is easing, then why has the comic book market tanked and the stock market been a bear market for most of 2022? Because real estate, stock market, and comic book investors are all afraid that the Federal Reserve will trigger a recession in its battle with inflation and fail to achieve a “soft landing” by lowering inflation without triggering a recession. This is a VERY different situation than the Great Recession of 2008-09 when a total of 59 out of 71 countries were simultaneously in actual recessions.

The Federal Reserve will likely keep raising interest rates but at a decelerated pace until eventually pivoting. As soon as we see signs of that pivot, likely in Q3 of 2023, the stock and comic book market is going to bounce back. I doubt we will ever see the soaring prices of the comic boom of 2021 again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see ROI recover to at least historical averages (i.e., something close to 10%).

You May Want to Take Advantage of This Buyer’s Market.

I’m not a financial advisor, and of course, do your own research, but personally, I’m buying key issues that have over-corrected. Some are afraid that the values will continue to drop, and would rather sit on the sidelines, but it’s impossible to predict the precise moment the market will hit bottom.

Instead, if you think a book presents a good value, you’re buying a book that you actually like, and therefore will likely hold onto the book for the long term, you’re more than likely to do quite well.

Are you currently investing in comics or do you think it’s better to wait? Please tell us in the comments section below!

000080221A_Posters_2-Footer Comic Book Market Predictions for 2023*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Randy W. DeBower December 29, 2022 - 9:23 am

Thanx for the great article! The sooner people start having confidence in the comic market, the faster the recovery!! So go out and buy!! Get some bargains while you can!! This won’t last forever! We’ve had these market slowdowns before so take advantage. Buy–buy!!—BUY!!!! In 45 plus years of collecting I have seen a lot of buying opportunities along the way. This is definitely one of them!! Buy comics!! Not all books in the market are at historic lows. Golden Age Superhero books have held their value and will grow! Same with PCH. The rest of the market will follow eventually. SO BUY!!! The opportunity won’t last all that long!! Did I mention that you should BUY!! Recovery for the rest of the market is coming when we all stop worrying about it and BUY!!

George December 29, 2022 - 9:26 am

The economy was horrible for the last year for most people. The fed is in the process of trying to engineer a recession and hopefully it will be a soft landing but history has proven the fed has been incapable of achieving that feat. Of course, this time it will be different! Most likely, we are heading into a multi year period of stagflation which is the absolute worst time to own an asset like a comic book. The economy stank last year, the comic market stank last year, the economy will likely go lower in 2023 so now is a good time to buy comic books? Personally, anything I have that is a dog is going out the door at the best price I can get. I’ll only keep the items I like the most and I will certainly be doing very little accumulation. Hopefully I am wrong and you are right, but I think we’re in a for a multi year down trend across all asset classes and those that had the craziest levels of appreciation will lead everyone lower.

Joseph Overaitis December 29, 2022 - 9:53 am

Have to agree with you. Most financial planners I deal with say we are in a recession that is not the norm. They also indicate that some signs are not good while others are in fact positive. The problem is that no one can figure out what is next and thus uncertainty. Those that can afford to buy comics that are dropping in value might want to buy now but the problem is that those prices might never rebound. Uncertainty brings fear, opportunities, and the possibility for disaster. 2023 will be fun for the comic book market.

pencilfart December 29, 2022 - 9:57 am

How can people buy comic’s when they’re unemployed. I live in the bay area and the tech market is taking a beating with layoffs and the highest inflation in the country.

Corbitt December 29, 2022 - 10:04 am

George’s comment is totally correct!

Exceptions not withstanding; The days of high census pop books jumping in ROI are over for a very long time! The days of every MCU announcement causing a book to sublimate are waning. The burst of the bubble has driven fringe collectors and newbs out of the hobby after taking heavy ROI losses. Those, sadly, are the folks required to pump up values of dirt common books. Those folks ain’t coming back, they will move on to other “hot” “trendy” thing where they will still lose money…:)

Yes as a pure collector it is now just starting to become a good time to buy however there is still quite a bit of room and time for high pop books to fall. Predicting a bottom is next to impossible however the downward trend will continue at least for a year (probably 2) making next spring for example a better time to buy most books than right now. Of course this does not apply to most 1930’s to later 1960’s books. The reason is low supply even if demand has slackened.

Sellers get what you can quickly right now! Fatten up you cash holdings as much as possible for the coming 2023-2024 leaner times.

Scott December 29, 2022 - 3:16 pm

Roaring economy? That’s laughable. Unemployment numbers are way off just like most of the things this adminstration tells us and nominal GDP does not reflect the factual status of the US economy, as it needs to be adjusted for inflation. All you have to do is look at a business or talk to business owners who simply cant find help even for $15.00 an hour. Help wanted signs everywhere and the price for just about everything is double of what it was a couple years ago. Stock market is still propped up by about 20 stocks while most small caps have cratered down minus 50-90%. People are broke so they selling their books which has flooded the market with several copies of almost every title and that is what is driving the prices down. More supply than demand right now. Also all that free money the government was giving away has dried up and left the market. Only genre I see consistently making new highs are precode horror books which are extremely rare and hard to get so people with money are still willing to shell out big money for those types of books. As for buying comics you could be right that now may be the time to get good deals on certain books but I wouldn’t be surprised if some continued to slide in 2023.

Don Miguel Wayland December 29, 2022 - 7:30 pm

I’m seeing corrections in the comics market in areas where prices spiralled previously. Modern spec books and slabs have definitely taken a beating this year. On the bright side, Silver and Bronze keys are still going strong and I’m seeing more Golden Age books at shows than previously. Collect what you love and ride out the short term pricing flux in my opinion.

Bugbear40k December 29, 2022 - 10:27 pm

2 consecutive quarters of negative gdp is the definition of a recession. We are in a recession. Most companies are preparing layoffs in 2023. Inflation is high and not slowing down. Ignore the spin and follow the actual data and smart money. The comic market will continue to fall with the economy. Dont catch a falling knife. Pivot to golden age and silver age marvel#1’s. Take advantage of the falling prices to pick up those mega keys. Dont wait for a high grade. Get your foot in the door and trade up later when you can. Buy raws. Pick up collections where you can. Slabs will struggle. Pick and choose carefully how to spend your limited capital. Dont over extend. Good luck.

Kenloi December 30, 2022 - 6:03 am

Any sellers / shops still not understanding that their prices will have to be lowered have their head in the sand. For quick profits for sellers that market has (temporarily?) depleted unless a true collector wants your comic to hoard. Covid speculaters perhaps have mostly disapeared holding onto trash books or sold for whatever monies they can get.When the market is buoyant again (history shows it will?), they will be back. The smell of money is too tempting. Assuming money will be worth something if inflation has been culled. Ebay sellers i assume are struggling from what i read on forums. Collectors still have their wants lists and still search and dig. A cheap sleeper gem find is very intoxicating. Yes this current climate is a strange one. As always it can go either way but like other commentators here the worry is, regardless of what governments and financial institutions are trying to do to world economies, they are proving themselves inempt to the challenge. The real fear of a slow permanent creeping downturn of economies. The world movement of third world peoples moving to wealthier first world countries to better themselves economically has created oversaturation of all services and lowered weekly wage for indigenous peoples and to us a struggle we had never anticipated before.This is governments faults and not to blame any individual person or family. Weak government policies and legal corruption of using peoples taxes incorrectly has partly triggered this scenario. Our hobby is frivolous but important to many thousands of people. Comic folklore is historic and community based. We all know the storm is here but we will ride it out. Stubborn comic shops refusing to bend to buyers will dwindle but i hope remain open. The superhero movieverse is oversaturated with the same stuff over and over. Fun it may be though to watch on a big screen. Its the same story the privileged (whoever they are) in all walks of life supply the forward motion, blind to the fact that normal people struggle. I think also that the covid comic price inflation was thought by many to be permanent but has proven to be otherwise. The same can be said of the now and present. It hopefully can’t be permanent because if it is a total third world is not pleasant. Governments and those in the know would be by now stockpiling anything to boost their own security. At this stage i hope they believe everything will come right sooner rather than later. I have noticed the current craze of known comic buyers buying up any pre code horror books. This is a mini boom because yes they are great comics but only the covers are being considered, not the stories. Much like a variant boom. Comics to pass onto family members. Recession, depression, downturn etc. It can be called whatever you consider the right term for you. They are only words..World situations in 2023?. Ukraine for example will get worse and other conflicts may appear. Economies are tanked with no spare monies. 2023 could influence everyones way of life for the medium turn, so governments must stay correct and true to keep inflation controlled, to allow people to have expendable income. Without this there is no economy, no buying of comic books and noone wanting key books at any price…….

Kenloi December 30, 2022 - 6:18 am

I do however agree with Randy W. DeBower. It is a good time to buy comics that float your boat if you have disposable income.

GQGuyforComics January 2, 2023 - 10:48 pm

as one of my favorite writers here, im kinda disappointed with this. how could you just plainly say that were still doing fine. enough of the negative comments. your still my favorite writer

my thoughts are this, as you claim we are not in recession is really a hard catch, because not a lot of people have disposable money now. as i mention on a comment i made on another blog made here. the comic boom happened because of a special phenomenon made with outside forces. and i mention also before that for every market to grow you need influx of money. people getting subsidy and just spending it. i feel this is one of the biggest factor of the change now along side as you mention the uncertainties. im pretty sure if everyone keeps receiving money every month knowing it wont end even if you work or not everything else wont matter. you just continue with your speculation and keep buying.

why arent you concern with the interest rates, be it as you claim. not everyone buys with cash , mostly through credit cards, loan, etc. even businesses needs bank loans to make ends meet. any change in interest rates affects each one.

lastly i do agree , if you have the money to spend buy. cause its a buyers market. when the bear started i remember i bought sandman 8 cgc 9.8 for 1k , now you can see ebay sold at 600-700 only. keep buying the books you want , till when nobody knows

happy new year everyone

Colin Nash February 6, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Just want to say, there are some really great responses here. I agree with all responses that were posted. Informative, confirmatory and knowledgable. I for one, will wait until Q3 of 2023 before buying any key issue.
Comic prices are now plummeting down to 2020 prices. We have even seen notable vlog collectors shedding their collections to cut their losses and fund higher grade replacements at lower prices.
Those fringe/new buyers, the hand-out finance and the hype that caused the ‘bubble’ are thankfully gone. The ‘bubble’ took many comics out of reach of collectors but hopefully, we will now see more sensible times. I for one, will not be buying now but, will monitor prices and wait until Q3 of 2023. However, will those comics be in short supply because of owners holding on for better times?


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