Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

051123E-1024x536 Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 AuctionWith summer just around the corner, it’s time for Hake’s May auction! They’re kicking off the season with a banger of an auction, featuring comic books s from multiple eras for every type of collector. From May 15-17, collectors can bid on a number of unique finds. Here’s my pick of comics you should keep your eyes on.

Archie’s Mechanics #1 CGC Restored 3.5

image-76-193x300 Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 Auction

Archie’s Mechanics was a short-lived series from Archie Comics during the end of the Golden Age of comics. This series showed kids how new technology worked, how to fix things, and then some. The series didn’t rely heavily on the typical slice-of-life stories the publisher was known for. Archie’s Mechanics only lasted for three issues before being shelved, never to be picked up again. This is a personal favorite of mine, as I have a large collection of issues 1 through 3. These are just fun to see in the wild and are absolutely worth picking up if you collect Archie.

This CGC purple label 3.5 features Cream to Off-White pages and a fun, classic Bob Montana-style cover. Per Hakes, the CGC restoration notes indicate that there is a small amount of color touch on the cover. Only two restored copies are on the CGC census, with no sales data attached to this book. The last time Archie’s Mechanics #1 sold was in September of 2002 when a CGC blue label 4.5 sold for $175. While this book isn’t an investment piece, it is perfect for Archie collectors.

Game Boy #1 CGC Universal 9.0

image-77-191x300 Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 Auction

In the very early 1990s Valiant Comics, under the steadfast eyes of Jim Shooter, did a series of comics based on the Nintendo’s IPs. One such series is Game Boy. Game Boy featured Nintendo-owned franchises in all-ages stories. The series was canceled after four issues, but they have recently gained popularity with collectors. If you’re the type who likes to sit on books as they appreciate, or you collect video game tie-ins, this is a great book.

This CGC blue label 9.0 features white pages and a beautiful cover. There are 153 graded on the CGC census, with 90 being graded higher than a 9.0 — 11 of which have a 9.8 grade. The current one-year average for this book is $446, with prices trending down. Higher grades would do better as an investment piece, but if you’re a collector, now is the time to buy.

Batgirl #50 CGC Universal 9.8 Variant 

image-78-189x300 Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 Auction

The last issue of this run of Batgirl, number 50, is a joy to look at. This Terry and Rachel Dodson variant cover shows Batgirl in her best light, with a ready-to-rumble smile as she has her Batarangs ready. Batgirl is one of the best characters in the Batman universe, with each person who donned the cowl adding something new to the mythos. This Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, has certainly seen her fair share of cruelty in Gotham. Especially against herself and her family.

This CGC blue label 9.8 has White pages and presents incredibly well. There are 56 examples graded on the census, with 45 of those being 9.8 grades. The one-year average on this book is only $25, making this an incredibly affordable collector for the right fan.

000052721D-1-Footer Comic Book Gems in Hakes May 2023 Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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