Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink’s Preview

by Sarah Thomas

110821C-300x157 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewA restored Action Comics #1 is getting ready to hit the auction block at Heritage and ComicLink’s next focused auction is open for previews. Add to that the continuation of ComicConnect’s current Event Auction and you’ve got tons to check out. Buckle in for this week’s Comic Auction roundup!

Current Comic Auctions

2021 November 18 – 21 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction #7248

Heritage’s upcoming Comics and Comic Art auction offers a huge number of pieces across comic ages. Bidders will find several iconic covers in addition to bound volumes and graded comics. Here are a few eye-catchers worth taking a look over.

lf-2021-11-08T144943.475-e1636401118551-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

It’s the superhero comic that started it all. Offered in this auction is a restored Action Comics #1, graded CGC Apparent FN+ 6.5 Slight/Moderate (A-2) with slightly brittle pages. This 1938 book simultaneously launched the Golden Age of comics and the career of THE Superman. This comic holds great value, not only monetarily, but to the hobby, the genre, and the future of superhero comics.

These books appear very seldomly at auction. There are only 28 Purple Lable copies registered on the CGC census. An identically graded copy sold through ComicConnect on Jun 10, 2019, for $220,000.00, and another sold through Heritage for $143,400.00 on Nov 18, 2010.

CGC notes, “Restoration includes: small amount of color touch on cover, pieces added to cover & interior, tear seals to cover & interior, spine split sealed, cover & interior reinforced, cover cleaned.”

This book has a current high bid of $170,000.

lf-2021-11-08T145353.488-e1636401601147-198x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewAlso available is a CGC Apparent 7.0 Detective Comics #27 in Fine/Very Fine condition with white pages. (DC, 1939). This is another iconic first, this time for Batman. Both Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon make their first comic appearances in this issue.

This copy is also restored. CGC notes, “Restoration includes: color touch, pieces added, tear seals, spine splits sealed, reinforced, cleaned, interior lightened.” Bob Kane created the cover, with Kane, Joe Shuster, and Fred Guardineer contributing interior art.

It’s been several years since a copy in this grade and label has appeared at auction. A copy sold on Jul 27, 2012 for $77,675.00 and another went for $52,281.25 on May 20, 2010, both through Heritage.

This book has a high bid of $100,000 at the time of this writing.

lf-2021-11-08T150106.863-e1636401780713-198x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewThe last one we’ll look at today is a CGC Near Mint 9.6 copy of  Black Cat Mystery #50  CGC NM+ 9.6 with cream to off-white pages, published by Harvey in 1954. There is a little controversy over credit for this creepy cover. According to Heritage, “Overstreet credits this “classic” face-melting cover to Warren Kremer, while CGC credits the cover to Lee Elias (at least on their newer labels). We do, however, know for sure that Bob Powell and Sid Check provided the interior art for the issue.”

From the Black Cat Collection, this book is one of only three graded 9.6 listed in the CGC census, with none graded higher. There is only one sale within the last ten years, when a 9.6 sold on Dec 22, 2017 for $13,666.00 through eBay.

The current high bid on this book is $23,000.

There is still time to bid before this auction begins closing on November 9th. Check out all the entries HERE.

Event Auction #48 at ComicConnect

While bidding doesn’t open for a couple weeks, you can check out the preview of ComicConnect’s next huge comic auction. Here are a few worth watching out for. cap2.2896-186x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

One book definitely worth a look at is a CGC graded 3.0 Captain Marvel Adventures #18 in Good/Very Good condition. 

CC Beck painted this cover of this classic, which includes the origin and first appearance of Mary Marvel & Marvel Family.  In more modern news, The Marvel (aka Shazaam) Family made their cinematic debut in the DCEU film Shazam! are set to return for a sequel film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, in 2023.

This copy has cream to off-white pages. 3.0s haven’t come to auction in several years, which makes it hard to guess where this particular copy could end up. There are only 6 3.0s in the CGC census, logging it into the top 70% of all graded copies. fan1.22330-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

A CGC 6.5 Fantastic Four #45 in Fine condition and with off-white to white pages is available for bids.

This book features Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott cover art and is the first appearance of both Lockjaw and the Inhumans.

While Marvel did produce a live-action television show for ABC back in 2017, the Inhumans haven’t yet received their fair due as members of the MCU. Whether or not they receive more attention on screen, they’ve held onto a strong following over the years.

Recent sales have seen this book holding steady around the $600 mark. 6.5s sold for $626 (9/21), $591 (9/21), and $600 (6/21), all through eBay. Currently, this book has a 1-year sales average of  $496 and a 90-day average of $609.

vis2.30-187x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewOne more worth a look is a CGC 9.0 Very Fine/Near Mint copy of Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 with white pages.

This series dealt less with racism against mutants, as that topic had already been thoroughly covered in other books, and put more emphasis on the family life between Vision and Scarlet Witch. In this issue, we see the birth of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s doomed twins, Billy and Tommy.

Of the 317 Blue Labels registered in the CGC census, 21 of them are 9.0s. The book’s one-year sales average is currently $100. Sales have been moving downward, most likely as a result of the excitement dying down post-WandaVision.

Where do you think this copy will land?

The auction’s sub-sessions break down accordingly:
Session 1: (Preview) Ends: Dec 13, 2021
Session 2: (Comics A) Ends: Dec 14, 2021
Session 3: (Comics B) Ends: Dec 15, 2021
Session 4: (Comics C) Ends: Dec 16, 2021
Session 5: (Comics D) Ends: Dec 17, 2021

Bidding on this auction opens on November 22. Check out the entire Preview HERE.

Comic Auctions: Results

ComicLink’s Focused Auction

Over the next week or so, ComicLink’s latest focused auction will be passing hundreds of comics across the auction block.  Here is a look at a few of the more interesting results from already-closed sessions. 00005632396000083714791002-186x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

An eye-catcher, Session 3 offered a CGC 9.6 Amazing Spider-Man #238, Newsstand Edition, in Near Mint condition. This 1983 classic gives us the first appearance of Hobgoblin.

This copy is one of the 3rd Highest Graded books and offers white pages. ComicLink Comments: This popular 1983 issue of Amazing Spider-Man introduced the villain Hobgoblin. The offered example has been graded Near Mint+ 9.6 by CGC. It has also retained newsstand-fresh White Pages, adding to its desirability.”

This book closed at a high bid of $1,202 after 50 bids.

00002732398000101584628019_TH Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewAnother noteworthy Spidey sale, a CGC 9.8 Amazing Spider-Man #300 in Near Mint/Mint condition sold for $5,988 after 36 bids, proving that this book is still more than a little desirable to collectors.

ComicLink Comments:
Amazing Spider-Man #300–with the 1st full appearance and Origin of Venom and classic Todd McFarlane cover and interior art–is one of the most acclaimed and sought-after of all Modern Age comics.

The offered Todd McFarlane Signature Series example is pristine and has been graded Near Mint/Mint 9.8 by CGC. Adding to its desirability, the pristine condition is further enhanced by newsstand-fresh White Pages.

Check out all the remaining sessions and their offerings by clicking below:
Monday-Friday, 11/8-11/12: Session 3CGC/CBCS Graded Late Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age Comic Books
Monday-Wednesday, 11/15-11/17: Session 4Assorted Comics and other Memorabilia
Thursday, 11/18: Session 5Original ArtworkPART 1PART 2

2021 November 7-8 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122145

lf-2021-11-09T094610.722-e1636469245149-197x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewAnother week has passed, which means we have another batch of weekly comic auction results to dig through from Heritage. Here were the three books that commanded the most attention this week.

The book commanding the most attention was a CGC graded 2.5 copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962), graded in Good Condition with off-white pages.

The origin and first appearance of Spider-Man, and the first appearances of Uncle Ben and Aunt May with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko cover and art brought in $38,400. 

This grade is seeing a slightly steady increase in value over the last few months, with the most recent sales landing at $30,000.00 (8/21, Heritage), $28,988.00 (5/21, eBay), and  $27,600.00 (5/21, eBay).

lf-2021-11-09T104343.497-e1636472670258-188x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's PreviewWith the buzz over Spider-Man: No Way Home still on its way to a crescendo, it’s no surprise that the first appearance of the Sinister Six (Dr. Octopus, Electro, Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Sandman, and the Vulture) would command a ton of interest at auction this week.

A CGC graded 3.0 The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (Marvel, 1964) in Good/Very Good condition and with off-white to white pages sold for $1,320. This one has a little bit of everything in it; an early X-Men appearance, plus Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, Doctor Strange, and Fantastic Four cameos, not to mention Steve Ditko cover and art.

This book currently holds a one-year sales average of $1,183 and a 90-day average of $1,500. This landed slightly between those two averages.

CGC notes, “Tape on interior cover.” lf-2021-11-09T105254.871-e1636473230383-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

The first appearance and origin of the Fantastic Four rounded off our top three most-bid on books of this week’s auction. A CGC graded 2.5 Fantastic Four #1 (Marvel, 1961) in Good condition with off-white to white pages sold for $18,057.60.

This grade has been on a relatively-constant trek over the years, with the current one-year sales average resting at $13,604 and 90-day at $21,600. This average was thrown off by one particularly high sale; a copy sold through Heritage on Oct 7, 2021 for $21,600.00. The three most recent sales aside from that one were for $9,701.00 (1/21, eBay), $9,511.88 (12/20, eBay), and $7,920.00 (9/20, Heritage).

Which books surprised you this week? Are there any that you’re watching? Let us know in the comments!

000052721D-1-Footer Comic Auctions 11/9: Action Comics #1 and ComicLink's Preview

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