Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes’ Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

by Sarah Thomas

110121D-300x157 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage ResultsHakes’ latest comic auction puts hundreds of books on the bidding block and ComicLink’s latest Focused Auction gets ready to close on a group of high-grade Silver and Golden Age books. Plus, we’ve got results from last week’s comic auction at Heritage. Welcome to this week’s Comic Auctions roundup!

Currently Running Comic Auctions

Hakes auction #233 is open for bids and closing soon, offering hundreds of graded comics from all comic ages for bidders to take home. Here are a few that caught my eye. image-23-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

Available to bidders is a CGC 8.0 Amazing Spider-Man #41 in Very Fine condition. This 1966 Marvel book is the first appearance of The Rhino. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita Sr, the character was played by Paul Giamatti in Spider-Man 2. Will the character appear in the much-talked-about No Way Home? There has definitely been some chatter about the possibility.

This book in an 8.0 has held pretty steady, sales-wise. The average sales price from the last 30 and 90-days is identical, $1,551. The one-year sales average is lower, at $1,310.

Currently, the high bid for this book is $1,250 after 5 bids. image-25-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

Another one worth watching is a CGC 4.0 copy of Brave and the Bold #28 in Very Good condition with cream to off-white pages.  This DC classic is the first appearance of the Justice League of America, Starro, and Snapper Carr. Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson created the cover and art with additional art by Bernard Sachs and Joe Giella.

Lately, sellers have favored eBay, with the most recent 6 sales taking place on the platform. The three most recent sales realized $3,599 (March 2021, eBay), $3,000 (August 2020, eBay), and $2,805 (July 2020, eBay).

This book has an estimated value of $2,000 – $5,000 and a current high bid of $2,667.50 after 8 bids. image-27-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

The last one I’ll mention here is a CGC 8.0 Very Fine copy of Phantom Lady #16 with white pages. Matt Baker created the cover and art for this 1948 book, which also includes an instance of Ruth Roche (script writer) being credited as Gregory Page and Joe Logan.

This book in this grade has only sold once this year, going for $3,600 in January through Heritage.

This book currently has a high bid of $2,262.70 and an estimated value between $2,000 and $5,000.

The auction closes Wednesday, November 3. Check out all the entries HERE.

ComicLink’s Focused Auction

Over the next two weeks, ComicLink’s latest focused auction will be passing hundreds of comics across the auction block.  Here is a look at a few of the more interesting entries from Sessions 1 and 2.00011112398000110171309004_TH Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

A CGC 9.8 Conan the Barbarian #1 in Near Mint/Mint condition has drawn several pairs of eyes, with a current high bid of $10,150 after 40 bids. Of course, this is the origin & 1st Conan appearance by Barry Smith as well as the 1st appearance of King Kull.

This well-exceeds the last three sales of this book in identical grade. Copies sold for $6,250 (eBay, 1/21), $5,821(eBay, 10/20), and $5,114.95 (eBay, 10/21).

Also up for auction is a CGC 8.0 Fantastic Four #2 in Very Fine Condition. This 1962 book includes the2nd Fantastic Four appearance and the 1st appearance of the Skrulls, who have been popping up (or have been rumored to pop) through the MCU as of late.

We haven’t seen an 8.0 cross the auction block in a couple years. An 8.0 sold in June 2018, for 10,499.00 through eBay. This book has a current high bid of $7,200 after 33 bids. 00178051540000112012380002_TH-1 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

Session 2 offers an array of Golden Age books, including a CGC 4.0 copy of Detective Comics #211 in Very Good condition. This 1954 classic features a Catwoman cover and off-white pages.

Batman and Robin in loincloths? Yup, this is the book. After Catwoman steals a shipment of jewels and escapes to a secluded island, Batman and Robin chase along and end up caught in Catwoman’s trap. She influences them with the power of wild animals, and they end up stripped of their costumes, save for their masks. It’s a little wild.

There are only 10 4.0s listed in the CGC census, which is in the top 79.7% of a total of 59 books registered.

The current bid on this book is $386 after 38 bids.

Check out all the sessions and their offerings by clicking below:
Monday-Thursday, 11/1-11/4: Session 1Select, Key & High-Grade Silver and early Bronze Age Comics
Friday, 11/5: Session 2Golden Age comic books
Monday-Friday, 11/8-11/12: Session 3CGC/CBCS Graded Late Bronze, Copper, and Modern Age Comic Books
Monday-Wednesday, 11/15-11/17: Session 4Assorted Comics and other Memorabilia
Thursday, 11/18: Session 5Original ArtworkPART 1PART 2

Event Auction #48 at ComicConnect

While bidding doesn’t open for a couple weeks, you can check out the preview of ComicConnect’s next huge comic auction. Here are a few worth watching out for. arc1.2095_2-188x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

There’s a CGC 4.0 copy of Archie Comics #1, graded Very Good with Off-white to White pages. Despite an enormous print run, there are only 52 Blue Labels in the CGC census, of which only 11 are graded higher than the 5 recorded 4.0s.

The last time this book in a 4.0 came to auction was in 2020, when a copy sold through Heritage for $30,000.

There’s also a CGC 9.8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 with white pages in Near Mint/Mint condition.  This copy ties for the highest-graded copy of this Copper Age icon. Little over 1,000 copies are recorded on the CGC Census. A 9.8 sale recently broke records in September 2021, selling for a whopping $245,000. x-m1.22542_1-189x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

This auction includes Bronze Age royalty; a CGC graded 9.8 X-Men #94 in Mint/Near Mint condition with off-white to white pages.

Uncanny X-Men #94 is the beginning of writer Chris Claremont’s 16-year run on the title, and it’s arguably the book that set up a dynasty. The one-year average sales price for this book is $63,000, and none are graded higher than 9.8 in the CGC census.

Bidding on this auction opens on November 22. Check out the entire Preview HERE.

The Promise Collection Part 3

Another group of Golden gems from The Promise Collection is hitting the auction block at Heritage this week.  The Promise Collection is “the highest-quality pedigree collection, book for book, to debut in our hobby in the last 25 years,” says Heritage Auctions’ Senior Vice President Ed Jaster, and another segment of books from the 5,000+ collection is available for bids. Here is a look at a few, and why they’re worth watching. lf-100-e1635880640628-198x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

Watch for a CGC 2.0 Batman #1 (The Promise Collection Pedigree) in Good condition with cream to off-white pages. It took just one year for the Dark Knight to get his own title after first appearing in Detective Comics #27.

Heritage sold a copy in this grade in their September Signature auction for over $222,000, a huge jump from previous sales of $71,000 (2019, ComicConnect), and $96,000 (2018, Heritage.)

The current high bid for this book rests at $80,000. lf-2021-11-02T162310.241-e1635892382525-198x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

There’s also one of the most iconic covers of all time. Graded CGC Very Good- 3.5, a Captain America Comics #1 (The Promise Collection Pedigree) with cream to off-white pages.  This is the origin and first appearance of Captain America and Bucky, along with the first appearance of the Red Skull, and the cover is, well, awesome.  Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Hitler cover is certifiably a “classic.”

The duo also provided interior art. Captain America punching Hitler in the face? Come on. There are 6 3.5s currently listed in the CGC census. It sold on Jul 12, 2020 for $90,000.00, also through Heritage.

This book has a current high bid of $82,500.

Take a look at all the auction entries HERE.

Comic Auction Results

2021 October 31-November 1 Comic Books Select Auction #122144

The latest weekly comic auction has closed at Heritage. Here are a few of the books that commanded the most interest this week. lf-97-e1635859007135-199x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage Results

Commanding plenty of interest was a CGC Very Fine/Near Mint 9.0 Marvel Spotlight #5 with white pages. The origin and first appearance of Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and first appearance of Roxanne Simpson brought in $8,400 by end of bidding, surpassing the book’s one-year sales average of $6,196. This is almost certainly a result of rumors flying around a new movie.

Marvel Mystery Comics #23 CGC VG/FN 5.0 Cream to off-white pages. This book, published by Timely Comics in September 1941, features the origin story of The Vision. Scientist Markham Ericsohn urges the Law-Giver, the President of the World of Smoke, to send a policeman to Earth to fight evil – and ends up sending Aarkus, The Vision.

This is the last Paul Gustavson Angel story and displays Jack Kirby and Carl Burgos art. CGC notes, “1 piece of tape on spine of cover.” This book sold for $3,600.

lf-98-e1635860433232-197x300 Comic Auctions 11/2: Hakes' Latest, ComicLink, & Heritage ResultsAlbedo #2 (Thoughts and Images, 1984) CGC VF- 7.5 White pages. The first appearance of Usagi Yojimbo brought in a high number of bids this week.

An animated series based on the character and co-produced by Stan Sakai is currently in development through Netflix and Gaumont Animation, creating plenty of interest in the character’s debut book. This sale is lower than the one-year average for this book, which rests at $6,925. This copy sold for $5,160.

Take a look at all of this week’s results HERE.

What are you bidding on? Let us know in the comments!


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