Comic Auctions 1/8 — Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

by Lauren Sisselman

010722B-1024x536 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!Welcome back to this week’s Comic Auctions rundown! While we await the start of the big event auctions for 2022, we’ll be taking a look at the weekly auctions from Heritage as well as the upcoming 49th event auction at ComicConnect. Unfortunately, we do not have any new realized prices for this week, but we do have plenty of new books to speculate over!

Current Comic Auctions

Heritage’s Weekly Comic Auction

Heritage’s weekly auctions have been a staple in the comic aftermarket for years, and for 2022 they’re not holding back on unique and hard-to-find grails for every type of collector, including toy collectors. This week starts off with a bang — or really, a radioactive spider. lf-2022-01-07T122231.292-e1641576209165-190x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

Amazing Fantasy #15 is a book we are all very familiar with. It’s the first appearance of Spider-Man, who is one of the biggest comic book characters in the world. Spider-Man has been in a number of blockbuster movies, animated shows, and he even had a giant robot in one of his shows!

This copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 is worthwhile for many things, but above all, this CGC Signature Series 3.0 copy was signed by Stan Lee, who created Spider-Man alongside Steve Ditko.

The signature is in a perfect spot as well, just right under Spider-Man’s extended arm. A similar 3.0 SS Stan Lee sold for $19600 in May of 2020 and looking at how both signed and Universal books are trending, this copy will break that price point. Amazing Fantasy #15 is always a good book to invest in, especially signed copies!

This auction also has a CGC Universal 2.0, but don’t let the low grade dissuade you. A similar 2.0 sold for $28800 in October of 2021. Low-grade copies have been jumping in price over the past few years, and with all of the current Spider-Man hype, numbers will continue to rise for at least a few more years. lf-2022-01-07T100619.819-e1641577497158-199x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

My bias for this book is clearly showing, but this is a unique and fun find. This one-shot Baltimore Colts sportsbook, with a CGC Universal grade of 3.0 might not seem like much. It has light tan to off-white pages and features a sports team that snuck out of their city in the middle of the night, yet the most impressive of all is that the cover was done by Will Eisner.

Currently, on the census, there are only three graded copies which all have a Universal label. One has no grade, then we jump to 3.0, and then the highest and last grade for this book is 7.0.

It’s safe to assume this is the only 3.0 out there, and the last time this book sold was in October of 2020 for $29. No, this is not a book you will get rich off of. This book is for a very niche collector, but it deserved to be noted anytime one becomes available. lf-2022-01-07T124509.530-e1641577548623-193x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

Another wildly interesting piece in this auction is this Cheerios 3-D Giveaway, featuring Mickey Mouse. Cheerios did 3 sets in this promotion, with a total of 24 titles hopeful kids could get.

Given their age, how they were bought, and that these booklets were largely mass-produced, this CGC Universal 9.8 with off-white to white pages is impressive. A similar 9.8 sold for $138 in May of 2008, so it’s anyone’s guess where this piece of memorabilia will end.

This book will likely not net you a return, but if you’re a fan of unique pieces and Disneyana, do not pass this up.

ComicConnectfam1.1383-1-189x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

With no concrete date set for the 49th event auction, ComicConnect is still giving us little snippets of what’s to come. Their upcoming auction features books from all eras, as well as a healthy selection of pulp books!

Famous Funnies #209 is a personal favorite — after all, it’s the starting point for the Frank Frazetta Buck Rogers covers, as well as the titular hero being re-introduced to the series after being dropped!

This CGC Universal 4.0 with cream to off-white pages is a sight to behold and presents very well. Prices on this book have fallen slightly, but this is still a key Golden Age book.

A similar 4.0 sold for $530 in February of 2020, but this book is a hot Golden Age item, so chances are good it will go back up in value. This is a good book to collect or invest in. det1.18918-1-186x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

Detective Comics #359 is a book that should be on everyone’s radar. This issue introduced the modern Batgirl we know today, Barbara Gordon. And while, yes, Batgirl has been a few other illustrious ladies in her time, Barbara’s first appearance is a key for a plethora of collectors.

There’s also a solo Batgirl film in the works, and interest, as well as prices, for this book has gone up. This CGC Universal 6.5 with cream to off-white pages is beautiful.

A similar 6.5 sold for $2280 in December of 2021, so now would be the time to snatch this book while prices are reasonable. If you’re looking to invest, this should be an easy sell once we get closer to the movie’s release date.com9.19-1-187x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

Dell Comics’ third anthology series, The Comics, made its debut in March of 1937. These early Dell comics relied on reprints of Platinum Age (and early Golden Age) newspaper strips, but these are still a unique piece of comic book history.

This CGC Universal 7.5 with cream to off-white pages has over 100 comics inside of it, providing ample reading for people (that is if you crack it out of the case). The last time a 7.5 was sold was in 2010, with the auction ending at $777.

This isn’t a book you will see a large return –if you even see a return at all. But for a Golden Age collector, this is a great book.

After World War 2 comics started to shy away from wartime stories, with many superheroes going defunct, or put on ice, for a later date. But some books were now talking about real-life heroes and their incredible feats during the war.her1.502-188x300 Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!

Famous Funnies is known for reprinting classic Platinum and early Golden Age titles, but they also did their own patriotic comic series with Heroic Comics, which ran from 1940-1955.

This issue of Heroic Comics #68 features a stunning painted cover by Henry Keifer, which shows a servicewoman saving a pilot — something that was rather unusual during that time period.

This CGC Universal 9.4 with cream to off-white pages is also a file copy, hence the high grade and decent page quality. This book sold for $125 in 2020, a minor drop from its all-time high of $175 in 2018. This book will likely stay under the $200 mark, making this a great book for Golden Age and war comic collectors.

Comic Auctions: Results

As I said earlier, we once again do not have any new prices to look at this week. Once our regular auctions get back into the swing of things, we’ll have new prices to talk about. Need more auction reads in your life? Check out our video game and poster coverage too!

Did you win anything cool this week? Excited about a realized price for an ended auction? Just want to talk about old books?

Let us know your comic auctions thoughts in the comments below!
As always, happy bidding.

CheckOutTheComicPriceGuide_Footer Comic Auctions 1/8 -- Signature Series, Unique Books, & more!*Any perceived investment advice contained within this blog is that of the freelance author and does not represent the opinions of or advice from GoCollect.

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Hey Lauren, on, I watched two boxes, probably holding around 75 copies per pile, side by side, so probably 150 per box, of Spawn #1 go for about $5100 after buyers premium this week.. that was fun to follow.


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