Comic Auctions 1/2 — Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

by Lauren Sisselman

122921A-1024x536 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!Welcome back to this week’s Comic Auctions rundown! The new year is here, and that can mean only one thing. New comic auctions to look forward to! This week we’ll take a look at what Heritage has in their weekly comic auctions, and we’ll also take a peek at the first upcoming event auctions at Heritage and ComicConnect.

We don’t have any new comic prices to report on for this week, but once the big auctions start up again we’ll be full of new data to scour over. Go dust off your party confetti, and let’s see what’s happening in the comic auction world this week!

Current Comic Auctions

Heritage’s Weekly Comic Auction

lf-2022-01-02T005419.041-e1641102903289-198x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!Heritage’s weekly comic book auctions are always a delight. Each week hopeful buyers are treated with unique gems, and sometimes hard-to-find pieces, and key books that might surprise you. Let’s see what they have this week.

Are you still on a Spider-Man high after No Way Home? I get it! And clearly, Heritage does too. This stunning CGC 4.0 Universal label copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 with off-white to white pages is a grail book for almost every collector.

This book has ebbed in flowed in price throughout the previous year — from September to October of 2021, a similar 4.0 sold for $55200, $60100, and $75000. This is a good book to invest in, even if you’re looking to flip it.

Hanging onto this copy wouldn’t hurt either — besides, do we truly think this is the last we’ll see of Spidey in the MCU?lf-2022-01-02T005732.929-189x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

Ewoks, the little furry creatures from the Star Wars universe, did at one time have their own comic. People did (and still do) find them to be utterly charming, so it’s no surprise that Marvel saw an opportunity and ran with it.

This was a short-lived series, but that doesn’t necessarily make it rare. This CGC Universal 9.8 copy with white pages of Ewoks #1 is a fun piece of Star Wars fandom, and it has seen a price increase over the prior two years.

In 2020 a similar copy sold for $195 in December, and then in April of 2021, another similar 9.8 ended at $333. While this might seem like a quick investment book, use your best judgment.lf-2022-01-02T005936.262-e1641103254717-211x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

Raw comics might seem like a gamble, but they are books you should not shy away from. This copy of Green Lantern #16 (the first appearance of Star Saphire) is in good condition (roughly a CGC 2.0), but it does have a spine roll, and there is no mention of page quality.

Graded copies of this book have seen a price bump across all grades — possibly due to the new HBO Green Lantern show.

A graded 2.0 sold for $125 in April of 2020, so this could be an inexpensive gamble for some. lf-2022-01-02T010246.340-e1641103441367-199x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

This auction also features International Comics #4, with a CGC Universal grade of 6.5 with off-white pages.

This isn’t a key book or something that will net you a big return, it does have a downright creepy clown cover, and should be on every horror fan’s radar.

More From Heritage

In a few short weeks, Heritage’s first big auction will begin – January 13. Heritage is also doing a Promise Collection-focused auction, which I have talked about before. These two auctions will be running side by side from January 13 – 16.

lf-2022-01-02T010657.223-e1641103784983-189x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!For today, I’ll only be focusing on the signature auction. There are some truly iconic pieces in this auction, including rare and hard-to-find books, which might set the tone for the remainder of the comic buying year. Let’s see how Heritage is ushering in the new year!

Superman changed the face of the modern comic world, and now hopeful bidders have a shot at owning a CGC Universal .5 copy of Superman #1, with off-white pages.

This book is one of the tougher grail books to get, and even with this low grade, it will still command a solid price.

The last time a .5 was sold was in 2015 when a similar book went for $23900.

Of course, where would Nationa Comics be without the comic that truly changed their company? lf-2022-01-02T011042.679-e1641103892587-195x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

Detective Comics #27 is a comic that needs no introduction. This CGC Universal 4.5 copy with tan to off-white pages will command a high price — even with the mediocre page quality.

Reform School Girl is a comic that lives on in comic infamy.

Copies of this book can be tricky to find, but they’re a fun, and usually good, book to invest in. A CGC Universal 8.0 with light tan to off-white pages is a piece that is worth investing in.

A prior sale of a similar 8.0 ended at $20400 in September of 2020.  lf-2022-01-02T011348.214-e1641104064594-199x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

Picture Crimes #1 is a very unique book in this (or any) auction. This CGC Universal 8.0 with cream to off-white pages copy is considered a rare/scarce book that paved the way for how comics were formatted going forward.

This is the highest-graded copy of this book, with the last noted sale of a similar copy happening in 2014, for $1283.

While this book might not be a financial heavy hitter, it is an important book in the grand scheme of the comic book world. If you like rare and hard-to-find books — and don’t want to pay for Action Comics #1 — this is the book for you.

Their next signature auction also features a ton of horror comics, ranging from pre-code to post. If you’re looking for some truly scary books (or you don’t want to wait until Halloween for your scare fix), this is the auction for you.lf-2022-01-02T011517.402-e1641104191220-200x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

This CGC Universal 9.4 copy of Horrific #13 features a jarring image of Dracula on the cover as well as being the last issue of this series.

With off-white to white pages, this book presents surprisingly well. It also happens to be the highest-graded Horrific #13 on the census — and there is no prior sales data to be found.

While you might not get rich off of this book, don’t shy away from it either.

ComicConnectx-m1.22000-186x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

ComicConnect’s next big auction — their 49th — will be starting soon, but currently, there is no set date. We do have some books to speculate on, such as this CGC Universal 4.5 copy of X-Men #1 with off-white pages.

There’s a lot of speculation about if (or when) the X-Men show up in the MCU, so now would be the time to snag this Silver Age key!

This auction also features a signature series copy of Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics. This issue has seen price increases over the last year, making this a speculator’s dream book.

Once ComicConnect releases the date of this new auction, I’m sure we’ll see more books that will be featured! star_wars-001-200x300 Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!

We’re also looking forward to seeing the next big auction at ComicLink, as well as some other auction sites that might surprise you.

Comic Auctions: Results

As I said earlier, we don’t have any new prices to look at this week. Once auctions get back into the swing of things, we’ll have new prices to talk about.  Hope everyone had a happy new year and a good holiday season!

Did you win anything cool this week? Excited about a realized price for an ended auction? Just want to talk about old books?

Let us know your comic auctions thoughts in the comments below!
As always, happy bidding.

CheckOutTheComicPriceGuide_Footer Comic Auctions 1/2 -- Silver Age keys, Star Wars, and more!*Any perceived investment advice contained within this blog is that of the freelance author and does not represent the opinions of or advice from GoCollect.

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