Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect

by Sarah Thomas

download-43-300x157 Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect Hear ye, hear ye, the latest in comic auction updates is here! We’ve got Stan Lee’s signature over at ComicLink, Batman at ComicConnect, and some great Modern Age books at Heritage. What will you be bidding on?

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #47 is still underwaybat1.20235_1-188x300 Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect

If you’re a fan of the Bat, then don’t miss the chance to check out this one. ComicConnect’s currently-running auction contains 31 Batman issues from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze ages.

Highlights include a restored copy of Batman #1 (CGC VF- 7.5 ). This copy received a slight (A-1) grade for its restoration, meaning that the restoration was minimal. This iconic Golden Age book features the first appearance of both the Joker and Catwoman (called Cat at the time).

“This book is restored, with a small amount of color touch, pieces added to the cover, a sealed spine split, a replaced bottom staple, and some reinforcement to the cover and interiors. It earned a Slight (A-1) grade for its restoration, meaning that the restoration was minimal, with all work performed with the goal of better conservation in mind.”Screenshot-2021-08-17-114332-300x175 Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect

The current high bid on this book is $30,000. Given that the last sale of this book in identical grade and condition hit $69,999 on eBay just over a year ago, (double the price of the sale before that), this book still has plenty of ground it could cover before this auction closes.  Read more detailed sales analysis of this book HERE.

Other featured books in this auction include Poison Ivy’s first appearance in Batman #181 (CGC 9.6) as well as a copy of Batman #232 (CGC 9.8) signed by Neal Adams, featuring the first appearance of Ra’s al Ghul.

Auction end dates are as follows:
Session 1: (Video Game Auction) Ends: Aug 29, 2021
Session 2: (Original Art, Memorabilia, Comics: Absolute Carnage – Amazing Spider-Man) Ends: Aug 30, 2021
Session 3: (Amazing Spider-Man #150 – Destructor) Ends: Aug 31, 2021
Session 4: (Detective Comics – Journey into Mystery) Ends: Sep 01, 2021
Session 5: (Journey into Unknown Worlds – Strange Mysteries) Ends: Sep 02, 2021
Session 6: (Strange Tales – Zip Comics) Ends: Sep 03, 2021

August 26 Certified Modern Age Comic Auction at Heritage

Bidding is currently underway at Heritage Auctions’ Modern Age Showcase, offering tons of books of interest to the era’s collectors. While there is plenty to sort through, here are a few that you might find worthy of a bid.

lf?set=path%5B2%2F4%2F4%2F9%2F8%2F24498689%5D%2Csizedata%5B425x425%5D&call=url%5Bfile%3Aproduct Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnectNYX #3 Signature Series: Joshua Middleton (Marvel, 2004) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages. – About two years ago, people were speculating about whether a graded 9.8 of this book would cross the $900 mark. Since then, Nyx #3 has only climbed the charts. With growing debate about whether or not James “Logan” Howlett or Laura Kinney should be Wolverine in the future of the MCU, it’s easy to see why this book would be a hot commodity. (As are so many Signature Series books.)

This Signature Series CGC 9.8 copy is signed by Middleton (the cover artist).

Recent sales of this book have hovered in the $1,250 – $1,350 range, higher than the $800 – $900 we’re seeing from the Blue labels.

Thorn Tales From the Lantern #nn (No publisher listed, 1983) CGC VF+ 8.5 White pages – With only around 1000 copies sold, this is a rare find in any grade, much less an 8.5.  Heritage has only offered one other copy of this comic and CGC has graded a mere 8 copies of it to date.

Spawn #1 Color Error (Image, 1992) CGC Qualified NM/MT 9.8 White pageslf?set=path%5B2%2F4%2F3%2F3%2F5%2F24335199%5D%2Csizedata%5B425x425%5D&call=url%5Bfile%3Aproduct Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect
Yes, this book features a dreaded Qualified CGC label, that’s true. BUT, with fewer than 200 known copies of Spawn #1 “Color Error” out there, this is a real rarity. Due to the low number of copies, CGC does not consider it a “variant” issue and will not slab it in a blue label holder.

It may not be the biggest moneymaker, with sales commonly hitting between $250 and $450, but it’s worth adding to your collection if you’re a Spawn fan and you want a piece few other people can brag about owning.

Check out all the entries in this auction HERE.

ComicLink Session 1A: CGC Signature Series Stan Lee Exclusive Collection  

Stan Lee’s signature is all over the place in Session 1A or ComicLink’s latest auction. Given how many iconic characters he played a part in creating and cultivating, there seems to be something for everyone to get excited about. As long as you’re willing to part with some dough, of course. 00000081690000101436827002-186x300 Comic Auction Updates 8/17/21: Batman Keys at ComicConnect

Currently leading in bids is a CGC 9.0 VF, NM copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (CGC Signature series Stan Lee Exclusive Collection). This is one of the top two graded copies of this book in existence and has its place on the Silver Age pedestal even without Stan Lee’s iconic signature.  Current high bid = $56,000 after 59 bids.

One of three of the highest-graded copies of X-Men #94 is also up for bids. A CGC 9.8 in Near Mint/Mint condition, X-Men #94 (CGC Signature Series: Stan Lee Exclusive Collection) is currently sitting at a high bid of $25,500.

While Blue Labels are currently seeing a downward trend among most grades, Signature Series books are going up all across the board. With plenty of time to go in this auction, it’ll be interesting to see where this one ends up. Check out more sales analysis on this book HERE.

The single highest-graded copy of Fantastic Four #13 is another book of note.  This first Watcher and Red Ghost is a CGC 9.2 NM-, CGC Signature Series: Stan Lee Exclusive Collection copy, and stands alone in grade rarity.

A 9.0 Sig Series copy of this book sold in January of 2020 for $6,000 and in November of 2019 for $3,550, (both on eBay.) Given the lack of data to compare this grade to, where do you think it will end up?

Check out all the auction entries HERE!

What will YOU be bidding on? Let us know in the comments!

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