Come to the Darkseid

by Matt Tuck

Darkseid-199x300 Come to the DarkseidDarkseid is coming to the DCEU, but in the wake of his confirmation for the Justice League Snyder Cut, how are those key issues’ values faring?

Snyder Cut & Darkseid

Darkseid-Tease-300x167 Come to the DarkseidZack Snyder has the comic community in a storm. That mysterious Snyder Cut of the 2017 Justice League movie is not only confirmed but on the way to HBO Max in 2021. The star of the news has been Darkseid. After being relegated to Easter egg duty in the Joss Whedon cut, Snyder has teased that Darkseid will be much more crucial to the plot this time around.

Before the ruler of Apokolips makes his grand entrance (and before the revamped JL hype reaches its peak), you’ll want to pick up the trinity of Darkseid keys. On that note, here is your shopping list and a quick look at the current sales. Spoiler alert, if you have been in the market for one of these issues, it’s a buyer’s market.

Jimmy-Olsen-134-200x300 Come to the DarkseidSUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #134

Normally, the full first appearance is the comic to get, but not in Darkseid’s case. Before the full reveal, the Lord of Apokolips made two cameos, the first of which was in Jimmy Olsen #134 (and that weird, “Jimmy goes full Mad Max” cover by Neal Adams).

This is a good time to invest. Overall, prices are down for this key issue. Out of the 13 different grades that have traded hands in the past 90 days, nine have dropped compared to their 12-month averages. 6.5 may be the best investment opportunity. Two years ago, this comic had a fair market value of over $200. It’s steadily dropped since then, and its 90-day average currently stands at $165. Even better for buyers is that the last sale on May 11 was for $130.


Jimmy-Olsen-135-200x300 Come to the DarkseidSUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #135

The following issue teased another Darkseid cameo. Fans of the “God of Evil” can’t call themselves respectable collectors without this piece of the trifecta. Lucky for buyers, this is the easiest of the three to get. Only a dozen copies sold online last year, and just half that number have traded hands in the past three months. You can get all the way up to a 9.2 for about $200, but if you opt for a 9.0, you can keep it under $100. If you really want to save money, a 6.0 sold for less than $30 in March.




ForeverPeople-204x300 Come to the DarkseidFOREVER PEOPLE #1

Darkseid may have evolved into the bane of Superman and the Justice League, but he began as the primary villain for Jack Kirby’s hippie-influenced Forever People. As his Fourth World was kicking off, Darkseid made his first full (and third overall) appearance.

Jimmy Olsen #134 is the more popular key by far, but this is a good consolation prize for any Darkseid fans. In the past 90 days, a dozen grades have been bought and sold online. Of those 12, more than half have gained value.

On May 10, a 9.8 sold for $2,880. If that’s out of your price range, scale back to the 9.6 for closer to $1k. Still too much? The 9.4 is in the $400 range, but you can keep it under $200 if you aim for the 7.5 and below.


This is only the beginning of Darkseid. Depending on how well the Snyder Cut fares on HBO Max, we could be seeing much more of him in live-action. He’s already set to appear in the New Gods film, but there could be many more appearances in the works. It’s worth the gamble to collect the Darkseid trifecta and cross your fingers.


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1 comment

Tony C June 8, 2020 - 4:24 pm

Great article! I’m not convinced JO 134 is the way to go with Darkseid though.

I think a lack of books is driving the high prices in the JO 9.8 and 9.6. Setting aside the scarce 10 copies of JO 9.8, I think it is better to get Forever People 1 9.8 than JO 9.6 (they go for around the same price). You get the first full appearance of Darkseid in the highest grade possible with the first appearance of Forever People to boot.

I’m very biased though, for ‘twas I that purchased FP1 at auction for $2880. Let’s hope I made a wise decision !


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