Collectors Banking on Kang and Eternity for Avengers 4

by Matt Tuck

Eternity-214x300 Collectors Banking on Kang and Eternity for Avengers 4Will Kang the Conqueror and Eternity make appearances in Avengers 4? Nothing has been confirmed, but that’s not stopping prices from ballooning. 

Very little has been made official about Avengers: Endgame, but the rumor is that much of the plot will center on time travel. There’s also been reports of toy boxes tied to the movie have teased a new villain entering the fray. Both of those tidbits have led to speculation that Kang the Conqueror will be the next major threat to the MCU once Thanos is defeated.

Kang-188x300 Collectors Banking on Kang and Eternity for Avengers 4

The Kang rumors began back in August when supposedly-leaked Avengers 4 plot details had Ant-Man travelling through time to collect the Avengers and the Infinity Stones. If you haven’t read it, check out the article on for the details. Who knows if the spoilers will pan out, but it would make for an interesting story, especially since the article claims Tony Stark will become Kang.

While the Kang news is rampant at the moment, don’t forget a key factor that may very well keep him from arriving in Endgame: Fox still owns his rights.

Sure, Disney is in the process of finalizing the company’s purchase, but Kevin Feige has recently stated that he hopes Marvel Studios will be able to officially start making plans for the X-Men and Fantastic Four and their family of related characters by June. Since Kang is still a Fox property at this point, it stands to reason that Marvel won’t be able to use him in time for Endgame.


Still, it’s fun to fantasize, and all these rumors and MCU speculation have pushed The Avengers #8 prices through the proverbial roof.

Avengers-8-194x300 Collectors Banking on Kang and Eternity for Avengers 4Prices jumped considerably last year, and it’s looking like 2019 will be a big year for Kang. Averages were up for practically every grade sold in 2018, and things are only getting hotter for the time-travelling dictator. As good as the 2018 averages were, the 90-day fair market values have surpassed even those. The 8.0 has nearly doubled in value; after averaging $503 last year, it sold earlier this month for $950. The 7.5 brought $799 on January 16.

Don’t forget about the low grades. Even the 2.5 has experienced a price bump. It’s 90-day average stands at $134 after bringing $127 for the entirety of 2018.




Strange-Tales-138-201x300 Collectors Banking on Kang and Eternity for Avengers 4While Kang may seem like a long shot for Endgame, the odds are much better for Eternity to play a role in Avengers 4.

The best part here is that prices haven’t exploded…yet. If he is featured in a trailer or confirmed in any way, sales for Strange Tales #138 will skyrocket, so now is the time to get your copy.

At the moment, you can keep your investment under $200 for anything from an 8.0 and below, but the market is indicating it’s about to take off. The 9.2, for instance, averaged $530 in 2018, but one sold for $1,499 in December. Before that, it had never sold for more than $350. That 8.0 I mentioned earlier? It had a 2018 FMV of $118, but it brought $200 only last month.

Judging by the 2018 averages, you can stay under $100 from a 6.5 down to a 4.0, but those days are numbered. Although there is no guarantee, it’s very likely that Eternity will factor into the Endgame plot, and that will spike prices across the board.

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