Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27

by Matt Tuck

Detective-Comics-27-interior-1-300x154 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27Most of us may not have the cash to invest in a Detective Comics #27, but those reprints you’ve been collecting are worth digging out of your long boxes.

Few of us are lucky enough to own a Detective Comics #27. CGC has just 69 total copies listed on its census, and that includes universal, restored, and qualified labels. Of course, any comic from 1939, especially one with such historical significance, is guaranteed to be hard to find.

Just for fun, let’s look at recent prices for this holy grail among grails. The last one to trade hands online was in November 2018 when a purple-labeled 9.2 with a marred cover and centerfold brought $180,000. That same year, a restored 7.5 sold for $222,000 while another restored copy, this time an 8.5, earned $242,000. Even the first page alone for this historic issue sells for over $13k.

For us normal people, the next best thing is to aim for a decent reprint. Compared to Action Comics #1, there have been relatively few DC #27 reprints, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fewer reprints there are, the more prized they become. Here’s the list.

Detective-Comics-27-1984-194x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27OREO COOKIES GIVEAWAY EDITION (1984)

This issue didn’t just have the full story from DC #27. It also contained the Joker’s first appearance from Batman #1 and Robin’s origin from Detective Comics #38. This edition was part of a promotion, like many of the 1970s and ’80s reprints.

If you have the Oreo reprint in high grade, it’s holding a decent value. One sold earlier this month for $129. The lowest grade that’s been sold online is the 7.5, which brought a respectable $60 in 2018.




Detective-Comics-27-2000-196x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27MILLENNIUM EDITION DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (2000)

The Millennium Edition is worth having in your collection, at least at a 9.8. Since 2017, it has twice sold for close to $200. However, the last sale came this past March, and it was for just $76.







Detective-Comics-27-2014-199x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27DETECTIVE COMICS #27 SPECIAL EDITION (2014)

Another free comic, this was a commemorative 75th-anniversary edition that was part of “Batman Day.” Since it’s only six years old and was free, this comic is in abundance.

Mostly we see the 9.8 trading hands. For the most part, it stays in the $20-$40 range, but there are the occasional outliers. In September, one sold for $89.99, while in August 2014, another 9.8 traded hands for $185.




Detective-Comics-27-Convention-195x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27FAN EXPO CANADA CONVENTION EDITIONS (2017)

There haven’t been any recorded sales for this convention edition, but this is a beautiful cover from the Jason Fabok, who is known for his fantastic Batman artwork.

From what I have gathered from eBay, raw copies tend to be priced in the $30-$50 range. There’s also “virgin” editions of this cover, one color and one black and white. The b/w variant tends to be the most expensive, with some asking prices over $150.




Detective-Comics-27-Acetate-195x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27ACESTATE VARIANT (2017)

There’s no beating the original, but Fabok’s cover art splashed across the 1939 backdrop is impressive. This was another variant from Fan Expo Canada, which also commissioned variant cover reprints for Action Comics #1. The only recorded sale for a graded copy occurred last May, and that 9.6 sold for $120.






Detective-Comics-27-loot-crate-193x300 Collecting the Reprints: Detective Comics #27LOOT CRATE EDITION (2018)

The most recent reprint, this is a facsimile reproduction. In the past month, there have been three 9.8s sold online, each ranging from $114 up to $141. It was just a year ago that the same 9.8 consistently sold for over $250.







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Tony Oquendo July 26, 2020 - 1:52 am

Why oh why does everybody forget the oversized edition that even overstreet WARNS us about. Now they are claiming the recent Walmart edition is the most accurate reprint cause it has the guy stabbed in it . Well get a hold of the oversized Detective 27 and you have the first and most accurate copy I have 3!

Nick the Goat April 19, 2021 - 8:27 pm

Is there a reprint with a similar cover to the Oreo reprint? If so, how do you tell the different between them?


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