Collecting 101: More Collectible Seconds

by Matt Tuck

Second-Print-bar-code-300x131 Collecting 101: More Collectible SecondsJust because it wasn’t first doesn’t make it last, at least not in the comic collecting world. Here are more second print comics and beyond that are worth your time.

Second Print Keys

Some famous second print comics are missing from today’s post, and that’s for good reason – I already covered it. If you’re looking for more information on printings, check out “The Six Printings of TMNT #1,” “Best Bets of 2019: Hulk #377,” and “Collecting 101: Don’t Ignore the Second Prints.”

ASM-361-second-print-198x300 Collecting 101: More Collectible SecondsAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #361

With everyone scrambling for Carnage’s debut, prices for the first print of ASM #361 have been inflating for the past couple of years. If you want a copy, expect to shell out over $400 for a 9.8 and close to $200 for a 9.6. As we get closer to the first trailer for Venom 2 and see Carnage in live-action, those price tags are only going to climb higher. Thank goodness there’s a cheaper option that is worth an investment.

The ASM #361’s second print has a purple background, which is how you know what you’re getting. Even better, if you go for the 9.8, it’s less than half the price of the first print in the same grade. A year ago, it averaged $189. While the last sale was for $156, six of the past eight sales for the 9.8 have been for $195 or more.

Batman-608-second-print-194x300 Collecting 101: More Collectible SecondsBATMAN #608

This is one of the more famous second prints because it’s one of the most imitated and duplicated Batman poses ever. The first print’s cover is great, but the second print captures everything fans love about the modern Dark Knight.

A 9.8 of the first print recently sold for an astounding $500, which is ridiculously inflated considering it normally sells for $80. The second print, on the other hand, consistently trades for about $375-$400.




Batman-457-second-print-193x300 Collecting 101: More Collectible SecondsBATMAN #457

This isn’t the first appearance, per se, but it is the debut of Tim Drake as Robin. Unless Tim Drake moves to live-action, this comic will likely stay in the $75 range for the first print. While that’s a respectable price, it’s nothing compared to the second print.

For the direct edition at a 9.8, this is going for in the $150 range. The more impressive numbers lie with the newsstand editions, which has a bar code in the lower right-hand corner. A 9.6 second-print, newsstand Batman #457 sold in May for a whopping $2,150. Even the 9.4 last sold for $2,300 in 2018. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across one, you’ve got money in hand.


Sandman-75-second-print-196x300 Collecting 101: More Collectible SecondsSANDMAN #75

This issue is coveted among Sandman collectors as it is the last issue of the original Neil Gaiman run. The small print run for the second print makes it hard to find, and that’s always valued in the collecting circles. Even the first print, at least at a 9.8, sells for over $100. The second print brings big money. Even at 7.5, it earns close to $150. Want a 9.8? In April, one sold for $1,500.


The bottom line is never to take the subsequent printings for granted. That doesn’t mean you should buy up every second print you can find (you would go broke trying to keep up), but if you see a key issue, even a minor key, don’t pass it up. You never know which one will be the next big thing.


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skip melton June 30, 2020 - 9:59 am

not a second print but why does ASM 360 not get more love?

Matt Tuck July 1, 2020 - 12:19 pm

I think it’s because Carnage isn’t on the front. Most people love that first cover appearance.


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