Collecting 101: Comic Facebook Groups

by Matt Tuck

Facebook-Groups-Meme-279x300 Collecting 101: Comic Facebook GroupsThere are numerous comic book groups and pages on Facebook, but which ones are worth joining? Lucky for you, I’m here to help.

Thanks to the MCU’s box office takeover, there are more Marvel groups and pages on Facebook than you can count. This also has trickled into the comic circles, and there are plenty of comic groups for you to join. Today, let’s take a look at groups that help investment speculators navigate the market.


Looking for a place to talk about comics? Join I Love Comic Book Stuff and Comic Book Collector’s Forum.

These are two of my favorite comic book groups. Members, including myself, share their comics, news stories, blogs, or anything else comic related. It’s a good place to go for discussions on all things superheroes. CBCF boasts over 16,000 members, and ILCBS has nearly 5K, so there’s plenty of comic fans to keep a discussion going for days.


Facebook has its share of speculation groups for you to browse. First, there’s Comic Book Wars: Comic Speculation. While its members don’t number in the thousands quite yet, this is a growing group with much to offer. As the title suggests, its focus is mainly on investment speculation. This is one that will help you stay in the loop on trending issues.

Another group I recommend is Comic Book News & Speculation. This group has over 5,000 members with much to say about what’s hot and what’s not in the comic circles.

zombomeme01022020175345-185x300 Collecting 101: Comic Facebook GroupsMAKING THE GRADE

A relatively new group is Making the Grade. I recently joined this one, and the focus is on members predicting the grades for various comics. This is a great group to join particularly if you’re a rookie to collecting.

As collectors, it pays to be a decent judge of comic grades. There’s no quicker path to getting ripped off than by getting conned into believing a comic is a higher grade than it is. Members of Making the Grade post their comics before they’re given to a grading company like CGC or CBCS and other members make their predictions on the grades. After the comic is graded, the owners will post the slab to see how the picks fared. This gives you a chance to hone your skills at grading, which is an invaluable skill.


Obviously, this is only a handful of the numerous comic groups out there. There are groups devoted to just about every character in the Marvel and DC Universes. To coin the phrase, there’s something for everyone. There are even specific groups for key issues, like the Hulk 181 Club, which you can join if you have your Incredible Hulk #181 or searching for one.

FB_IMG_1578369636402 Collecting 101: Comic Facebook GroupsA word of warning: have thick skin before you post on these groups because there are toxic keyboard warriors out there. A couple years back, I posted on Marvel Universe Rocks My World that I wasn’t a fan of 2004’s Punisher movie. Some particularly passionate members took this fairly hard, and I found myself laughing at the more harsh comments. My favorite was when I was told I shouldn’t have children because I didn’t like the movie.






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