Collectible Reprints: True Believers and Facsimile Editions

by Matt Tuck

True-Believers-Amazing-Fantasy-200x300 Collectible Reprints: True Believers and Facsimile Editions Have you been collecting the True Believers and facsimile edition reprints? You should because some issues have already cracked the triple digits.

For many of collectors, the True Believers reprints offered a chance to own some of Marvel’s “holy grails” that most of us would never be able to afford, such as the first appearance of Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four. Like most reprints, only the hardcore fans of that character bought these, and they probably thought little about them. These days, the True Believers and facsimile reprints have started bringing higher values.

The one that is truly making its mark is the True Believers: Amazing Fantasy. Last year, the 9.8 set a record high after selling for $117 along the way to earning a fair market value of $93. The past 90 days have been ever better as that same 9.8 has averaged $110 without selling for under $100 all year. As I’ve written before, this is another indication of Spider-Man’s everlasting popularity. 

True-Believers-Cap-1-196x300 Collectible Reprints: True Believers and Facsimile EditionsThe Amazing Fantasy #15 reprint is a much higher value than its brethren, generally speaking. For the most part, the holy grail reprints tend to bring anywhere from $30-$50. However, there are some issues that can measure up. True Believers: Captain America #1 at a 9.8 sold for $110 in January. Speaking of Cap, even the True Believers: Captain America Lives Again, which is a reprint of The Avengers #4, has averaged $50.

As I wrote in “Und Jetzt…the Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 Reprints,” the True Believers: Wolverine Vs Hulk has been increasing in value as well, and a 9.8 has sold for as much as $70 this year. When you get a major key that’s incredibly hot, even the reprints bring respectable values.




True-Believers-Eternals-1-196x300 Collectible Reprints: True Believers and Facsimile EditionsAnother collectible reprint with high value is True Believers: The Eternals #1, which has sold for as much as $120 since last year and averaged $104 in that time. There hasn’t been a sale since last spring, but with the anticipation for the Eternals movie and the original print of Eternals #1 getting further out of reach, the True Believers reprint will become a viable option for fans wanting a piece of their history.

That’s the appeal for the reprints – owning part of history. While it doesn’t compare with the original, it still allows fans a chance to read the original version of their favorite characters’ major moments. For about $55, you can buy the True Believers: Amazing Spider-Man #1, which is a respectable value for a reprint. Compare that with the $2k even a 0.5 grade is averaging, and you can see why some collectors opt for the True Believers versions.



Silver-Surfer-14-facsimile-200x300 Collectible Reprints: True Believers and Facsimile EditionsAlthough it isn’t part of the True Believers line, Marvel’s facsimile editions are proving to be very collectible as well. Silver Surfer #14 facsimile edition recently sold for $115 on April 30. What’s impressive is that a graded 6.5 of the original print averages $100, which makes the reprint worth more than some grades of the first print.

An Incredible Hulk #181 facsimile has been a hot comic this year. Ten copies have exchanged hands this year, bringing as much as $110 in April and averaging $73. The Fantastic Four #1 facsimile edition went for $75 in November, and it currently has a 90-day FMV of $60.

What all this shows us is that reprints are not to be ignored, especially the reprints of holy grail issues. While they’ll never bring the same values as their counterparts, they are proving to be valuable in their own rites.

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