Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder

by Matt Tuck

Cold-blogg-300x300 Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold ShoulderThe infamous Coldest Comics are back again, and this time the King in Black, Strange Academy, and even Carnage made the list. What are the Coldest Comics? These are the four issues (plus the dreaded #1,001 on the Hottest Comics index) that saw the biggest drop in positions compared to last week. Where our Hottest Comics list focuses on the climbers, this list is all about the ones that took the mightiest plunge.

King-in-Black-Superlog-variant Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder970. KING IN BLACK #1 SUPERLOG VARIANT (-891)

Collectors giveth and collectors taketh away. Last week, this Superlog variant was one of the biggest movers in all the Hottest Comics. Here we are seven days later, and it has nearly fallen outside the top 1,001. I chalk this up to the numerous variants for basically every issue of the main King in Black series. While the Superlog artwork is stellar, there are just so many options. On top of that, there is nothing about this issue that makes it a key on any level. When you add it all up, there is no real incentive for collectors to aim for this particular issue.

strange-academy-1-198x300 Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder925. STRANGE ACADEMY #1 (-849)

I see all the covers for Strange Academy #1 in a holding pattern, more or less. There are several first appearances in this issue, and there is a multitude of covers and subsequent printings to choose from. It all gets expensive very quickly, and it leaves collectors with some tough choices over what to buy. The real hold is waiting to see what Marvel has in store for the Strange Academy, either in live-action or in the comics. Sooner or later, I predict we will see one or more of the characters grace the screen, but it could be a long wait. 

Flash-92-195x300 Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder778. FLASH #92 (-703)

Flash #92 got a boost in value last month when it was announced that Impulse would be appearing in the next season of CW’s The Flash. The DCEU has been getting plenty of attention thanks to the Snyder Cut of Justice League, and that helps all the DC key issues. However, there is still a huge difference in the impact from a movie key as compared to a CW key. If Impulse manages to become a fan favorite, things could change, but I don’t expect this to become a major key at least not in the near future.

ASM-361-second-print-198x300 Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder743. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #361 SECOND PRINT (-669)

It is hard to imagine the first appearance of Carnage being on the Coldest Comics list. Of course, this is the second print, which is not on the same level as the all-important first printing. Still, Carnage is so popular at the moment, especially with his live-action debut on the horizon that any print of his first appearance won’t stay down for long. There is no question that this issue will pick up in short order. If you have this one, hold on to it at least until after Carnage makes his appearance in the Venom 2 trailer.

Venom-31-comics-elite-195x300 Coldest Comics: the Symbiotes Get the Cold Shoulder1001. VENOM #31 COMICS ELITE VARIANT (-1)

Coming in dead last this week is the Comics Elite variant for Venom #31. While there have been a slew of first appearances in the Donny Cates run of Venom, not every issue has that distinction. Yet, this series has been so popular that virtually every issue gets several variants, and such is the case with Venom #31. Like that King in Black Superlog issue, there is nothing that makes Venom #31 a key comic, so there is no reason for fans to buy this one in bulk. It makes sense that it would be at the bottom of the heap.

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