Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers

by Matt Tuck

022621E_Blog-300x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big DippersSome high-priced key issues felt the sting of the cold this week as collectors invested in alternatives to the likes of the Justice League of America, The Walking Dead, and Invincible. These are the Coldest Comics of the week!

Does that mean no one wants those JLA, TWD, and Invincible keys? Certainly, that is not the implication here. In fact, many of the comics that experience notable dips in sales volume have rising fair market values. Oftentimes, those higher FMVs turn collectors away from those particular issues.

That’s the thing: the Coldest Comics list is not about FMV. It’s about sales volume performance, and here are some of the more notable dippers for the past week.

Brave-and-the-Bold-28-200x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers976. THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28 (-911)

Such a famous first taking such a nosedive in the sales department almost makes me cringe. Then again, the fame does make it a very expensive key issue. With Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League receiving massive hype from the comic community, it certainly brings higher prices to the JLA’s first appearance. When it comes down to it, most collectors could not afford The Brave & the Bold #28, which accounts for the lack of sales.

753290_war-of-the-realms-new-agents-of-atlas-1-1-195x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers686. WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 (-499)

With Jimmy Woo featured prominently on WandaVision, it has spurred the theories that Marvel Studios will adapt the New Agents of Atlas for the MCU. So far, we have not been given any direct references toward Agents of Atlas, and that could be why comic fans turned a cold shoulder toward War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1, at least for one week. As we have learned about modern comic collecting, all it will take is having Jimmy use the word “Atlas” for this issue to jump to the top of the Hottest Comics.

Walking-Dead-1-194x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers616. THE WALKING DEAD #1 (-451)

Even before the AMC series came to a close, The Walking Dead #1 had taken a hit in its fair market values for all grades. Just like the show, TWD #1 had lost its shine in the eyes of fans, and the result was a significant drop in prices. Even so, the values did not fall to the point that this is suddenly a cheap comic. Then why is the issue ranked so low? If you take a high-priced comic and combine it with a waning fan base, you get a recipe for a cold comic.

e2cf0ddc-3d30-4482-aea0-ff1db0da7d2f_c6815a0147f8285e3b5042ebb3626151-195x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers

612. INVINCIBLE #1 (-448)

It is no secret that Invincible is being adapted for a live-action series. It is standard operating procedure for collectors and speculators alike to jump on the bandwagon whenever a new comic series is moving into the mainstream spectrum. In this case, those ballooning prices could be affecting the sales rate. Regardless, Invincible #1 is still a great issue to add to your collection. If the series is a hit, you will get a nice return on your investment.


Green-Lantern-7-203x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: The Big Dippers1,001. GREEN LANTERN #7 (-2)

In this week’s BOTB spotlight, the first appearance of Sinestro held onto the final spot in the rankings this week. Considering that Sinestro has been slated to have a large role in the upcoming Green Lantern HBO Max series, then it goes without saying (yet I will say it anyway just for fun) that prices would be elevated thanks to that added attention. Since this is a Silver Age first for a major DC villain, prices were already ridiculously high. Put the two concepts together, and you can see why Green Lantern #7 was at the bottom of the pile – it was just too expensive for most collectors.

Those are the ever-shivery coldest comics of the week! Check back later for more stats!

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Jeffrey Kramer February 28, 2021 - 2:19 pm

Look at the sales prices for Walking Dead 1. Its up to $3K now consistently. Book was down to $2K but has made a major comeback.


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