Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens

by Matt Tuck

Blg-e1617320431683-271x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty AliensNobody appreciates the dedication it takes to be a bloodthirsty alien. This week, the Predator and even the Venom symbiote were at the bottom of the heap of the Hottest Comics. Settle in. Let’s look at some of the Coldest Comics of the week.

Before anyone starts protesting, this is not a reflection of how collectible these comics may or may not be. It is a snapshot of one week’s worth of buying. The Hottest Comics are all about sales volume, and these five simply did not have that going for them. Take a closer look at this week’s Coldest Comics list.

Predator-1-194x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens984. PREDATOR #1 (-926)

With all the hype surrounding the Predator franchise’s debut in Marvel Comics, I would have expected this issue to be in the top 100. Somehow, it nearly found its way outside the top 1000. What gives? The best I can guess is that Predator #1 was overshadowed by the premiere of Marvel’s Alien #1 this week, and collectors were gunning for those xenomorph keys instead. On the bright side, that should keep prices for the Predator’s first appearance in check, at least for another week or so.

Secret-Wars-8-newsstand-196x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens931. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SECRET WARS #8 NEWSSTAND (-859)

Rarity and price teamed up to thwart the newsstand Secret Wars #8’s attempts at global domination. By global domination, I mean the Hottest Comics index.

This one tends to have the yo-yo effect, dropping one week only to elevate the next. It all comes down to scarcity, really. After all, newsstands fetch higher fair market values because they are harder to find, so it makes sense that a key issue (in this case, the origin of the alien symbiote that would become Venom) in a newsstand edition would not be a huge seller every week.

Marvel-Team-Up-141-216x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens920. MARVEL TEAM-UP #141 (-715)

Speaking of the alien symbiote, one of its first appearances in the monthly titles took a drop this week. Normally, all the early symbiote issues rank at least inside the top 300, but buyers stepped away from Marvel Team-Up #141 this week. This could simply be a case of getting the cold shoulder because there are so many hotter keys on the market. At any rate, any of the classic Venom and symbiote key issues will always be popular, so Team-Up #141 will rebound in short order.

Thor-337-195x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens909. THOR #337 (-707)

Beta Ray Bill, when are you coming to the MCU? It was just announced that Russell Crowe is joining the cast in a mystery role for Thor: Love and Thunder. Could it be that he will voice the intergalactic horseman? If so, this issue will immediately become the single hottest comic on the market. For the moment, collectors left this one on the shelf, and that could be a side effect of all the DC news capturing the attention of the comic world.


Silver-Surfer-38-195x300 Coldest Comics of the Week: No Love for Bloodthirsty Aliens1001. SILVER SURFER #38 (-2)

I decided that the issue with the distinction of being the absolute last entry of the Hottest Comics needs its own imaginary trophy. This week, I anoint the first weekly Rear Admiral Award upon Silver Surfer #38

This week, SS #38 fell two spots, but it managed to cling to the last place in the Hottest Comics. Besides an interesting cover with Thanos and the Surfer duking it out, there is not much to this comic to make it worth collecting. That being said, for it to remain in the top 1000 is not a bad distinction.

Do you have any of these Coldest Comics books? Tell us about them!

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KatKomics April 2, 2021 - 4:48 pm

Cold is all relative my friend!! While I don’t have Silver Surfer I have all the others and the only one I didn’t pay cover price for was the Thor 337!!! Even the Thor though…I had that bug in my bonnet a while ago and got my 4 copies (CPV, News Stand x2 and Direct) all for under $50 each back in the day!

Marisol April 3, 2021 - 3:41 am

Is this a bubble or are the book values here to stay?

Marisol Florez April 3, 2021 - 10:39 am

Still too rich for me…😕

comicbookgod April 3, 2021 - 11:18 am

It’s a funny thing, I was just going through my Secret Wars collection and discovered that all of them (except #1) were newsstand editions. I’m happy that my #8 is one, but a little sad that it has dropped so much in the rankings.


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