Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

by Matt Tuck

080422C-1024x536 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous WeekIt has not been marvelous for Ms. Marvel lately as Kamala’s first appearance in full costume took a massive dive to land itself the dubious distinction of this week’s Coldest Comic.

I have written it before, and I will no doubt write it again: the MCU giveth, and the MCU taketh away. Ms. Marvel’s first season has come and gone, and so have the huge sales numbers. Kamala Khan’s key issues weren’t the only ones feeling the aftereffects of MCU stardom. Take a look.

A quick note for those new to the Coldest Comics blogs. In this weekly series, we examine the five biggest movers and shakers in the top-100 single issues across eBay. It alternates between the Hottest and Coldest Comics, but don’t think this is all about rising and falling fair market values. These listings are based strictly on sales volume, and it includes both the raw and graded varieties.


All-New-Marvel-Now-Point-One-197x300 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

At one point, the graded 9.8 All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 sold for as much as $1,800. For that matter, the one-year average remains over $1k. However, the more recent sales have been in the $700-$750 range. Couple that with the massive drop in sales over the past week, and a story is being told, one the MCU projects are all too familiar with.

Like any character that gets the Marvel Studios treatment, Ms. Marvel’s key issues went sky high the moment she was officially getting a live-action series. This was one of the first to feel the heat from the newfound attention since it featured Kamala’s debut as the all-new, all-different Ms. Marvel. The closer we got to the premiere of her Disney+ show, the higher the values went. By the time the show was released, Marvel NOW! Point One #1 was at its peak. 

Once the first season ended, the interest in Kamala’s keys began to dissipate. Week after week, buyers turned their attention to other topics. Once San Diego Comic-Con hit, collectors and investors had many new targets, and Kamala became old news. We know we’ll see her again in The Marvels and possibly in either the future Young Avengers or the next Avengers movies. Until then, her keys will continue to fall.

90. X-FORCE #2 (-61)

x-force-2-195x300 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

From an investment standpoint, this is a relatively low-risk gamble. On average, prices are down $20 compared to this time last year, but that is not a bad thing. At the moment, you can get a graded 9.8 for around $75-$80. That could be a wise investment for the future when Deadpool makes his MCU debut. Of course, that may not be for a while, since nothing X-Men related was announced for Phases 5 or 6. That also could be the reason the values and overall sales figures are dipping.

This issue gets its modest prices from being Deadpool’s second appearance. Another thing to consider is the debut of the Weapon X of the 1990s, Kane. There’s not much interest in him now, but what if he makes an appearance in either a Deadpool or X-Men movie? That would send this issue into the stratosphere overnight, and you’ll wish you could get one for $80. Really, that is not much of an investment compared to so many higher-priced keys. 

84. SPAWN #9 (-56)

spawn-9-3-195x300 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

Seeing this issue take a dive in popularity is not unexpected. Angela’s first appearance got a boost thanks to numerous rumors surrounding Thor: Love and Thunder. Going into the fourth Thunder God film, there were a number of theories pointing towards Angela. In fact, there was a popular Film Theory that specifically hypothesized Angela as the implied meaning behind the theme song, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” After all, her origin was rewritten as a daughter of Odin when she moved over to Marvel. 

Then Love and Thunder hit theaters, and there was disappointment around the world. No Beta Ray Bill, no Ares, and no Angela made for a let down at the theater (that and just the movie in general). That has translated to a drop in many Thor keys, but none were hit as hard as Spawn #9. The odds of her arriving in the MCU are still high, so this issue won’t stay down for long. Although it has averaged $174 over the past year, the past 30 days have seen the 9.8 stay in the $135 range.

73. THE BOYS #1 (-46)

TheBoys1-197x300 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

Here is the exception to the Coldest Comics rule of thumb. 

Traditionally, any comic that reaches the dubious list tends to have a declining FMV. In the case of The Boys #1, it is actually the opposite. Although the sales have fallen off the hot pace it set only weeks ago, this key issue is teetering closer to falling out of the top 100 Hottest Comics. Yet, it has averaged $567 over the past 30 days. For the past 12 months, that FMV has been $422, so that is a significant bump.

What else is odd about The Boys #1 is that it defies the typical pattern for season finales. Whereas All-New Marvel NOW! Point One #1 took a dip after the conclusion of Ms. Marvel’s first season. That was normal. What is happening with The Boys #1 and its FMVs still on the way up defies logic. It really is a nod to the popularity of their Amazon Prime series, which has more fan support than ever after the end of season three. 

Now that the mainstream world has discovered Butcher, Homelander, and the rest of the Vaught world, The Boys #1 will reach new heights when the Season Four trailer arrives. Amazon/Sony moves quickly with this show, so it should drop sometime next year or 2024 at the latest. The other thing keeping it in the spotlight is the new castings as well as the spinoff series that is in development. All in all, it is evidence that while this issue’s sales volume may be off, this remains a hot comic.


Spider-Man-Unlimited-1-195x300 Coldest Comics: Ms Marvel & her Not-So-Marvelous Week

This is not one of the usual suspects on the Coldest Comics list, but this is not exactly a surprise entrant either. Spider-Man Unlimited #1 got a boost earlier this year when fans were waiting on Shriek to make her live-action debut. Then we actually saw Let There Be Carnage, and the bloom was off that rose. It didn’t help matters that she died by the end of the movie. That doesn’t give her a positive prognosis for the Sony-verse or the MCU.

Shriek’s first appearance ahead of the LTBC premiere was an added bonus for Spider-Man Unlimited collectors. The main reason this comic stayed popular was the spectacular cover art with an awesome rendition of Carnage. No matter how bad his first big movie may have been, fans will forever love the red symbiote, specifically when it’s paired with Cletus Kasady. 

Prices had been on the way up before LTBC arrived in theaters. It helped the 9.8 rise to a $125 12-month average. Since then, the FMVs have come back to reality, and that same 9.8 has averaged $85 for the past month.

The interesting part with collecting Carnage issues is the prospect of him arriving in the MCU. Sure, Venom ate the symbiote and Cletus’ head at the end of LTBC, but that little piece of symbiote left behind in the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene lends itself to plenty of theories. While I can’t imagine we’ll see another Cletus, the red symbiote could return to the silver screen with a different host. That being said, it may not be a bad time to get those keys while the prices are down.

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