Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls

by Matt Tuck

040921B_Blog-300x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor FallsWhen there are 1,001 comics to list every week, something has to be on the bottom shelf. This week, Thor and Venom held the distinction of having the biggest fall and landing themselves on this week’s Coldest Comics List.

It’s time again to confound and perplex the collecting world in one handy blog post. That’s right – it’s the Coldest Comics of the week, where we break down the issues that took the hardest hits in the Hottest Comics rankings.

Remember that these are not based on fair market values. In fact, those high values can often lead a comic to this dubious distinction. The Coldest Comics are based strictly on sales volume, and these five dropped the most positions in the past week.

Thor-5-standard-cover-2020-195x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls975. THOR #5 (-880)

This has become a regular among the downtrodden Coldest Comics list. Of course, you can’t fall by 880 positions without having been popular enough to aim for the top half of the Hottest Comics index. That is what makes Black Winter’s first appearance so tricky. On one hand, he was killed off last year in the pages of Thor. On the other, these are comics, and who stays dead in comics? Obviously, collectors buying this issue are anticipating his full return, and I agree with that logic. Until that happens, this key comic will keep having the yo-yo effect.

Venom-9-standard-194x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls953. VENOM #9 (-817)

When will Donny Cates and the Marvel Comics editors stop teasing us with Dylan Brock? You know him; he’s Eddie Brock’s son whom the Venom symbiote kept hidden from its host in a weird, Fatal Attraction type of love and care. Since Dylan’s first full appearance in Venom #9, fans have anticipated him being elevated to major character status. There were hints of coming in Absolute Carnage, and he even bonded with a symbiote of his own. Just when readers expected him to possibly inherit the Venom symbiote and become a hero in his own right, next to nothing has happened. That explains why his key issues have fallen in the rankings.

Invincible-1-193x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls865. INVINCIBLE #1 (772)

Now we are getting into comics that are both paradoxically hot and cold at the same time. Case in point: Invincible #1. With the new series on Amazon (which is fantastic, by the way), it has brought many new fans onboard the Robert Kirkman bandwagon. The added interest raises prices because collectors scramble for that first appearance. As they buy up those near-mint copies, the prices get a massive inflation. The dominos continue to fall, and the ballooning values are off-putting for many collectors who missed the original boat, which results in a lack of sales.

Star-Wars-Kanan-6-198x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls907. KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN #6 (-772)

Need another example of the power of inflation? Say no more, for I present to you Kanan: The Last Padawan #6. This issue got a huge boost in the Star Wars boom. Kanan is a character from Star Wars: Rebels, and the speculators and investors have been swarming these issues in case any of them make an appearance on The Mandalorian, specifically Sabine Wren. Considering that Thrawn, the main villain in Rebels, has been name-dropped on Disney+, the logic is sound. Like Invincible #1, I suspect this issue didn’t sell so many copies this week because the prices are climbing so quickly.

Spawn-310-195x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/8: Thor Falls1001. SPAWN #310 (-1)

Finally, we come to the last-place comic for this week, Spawn #310. Outside of the Spawn faithful, there is not a lot of reason to collect this issue. True, it has a great cover with Gunslinger Spawn, who is gaining popularity, and there is a new Spawn armor that sees its debut, but nothing else makes this a key issue. The fact that it even cracked the top 1001 is a testament to Spawn’s longevity in the collecting world.

What do you think about this week’s Coldest Comics? Does anything surprise you? We want to hear about it in the comments!

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