Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30

by Matt Tuck

BLOG-feature-300x158 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30Some overlooked Silver Age keys fell flat, and a classic issue of Detective Comics landed in the dreaded #1,001. That means it is time for the Coldest Comics of the week.

Today’s list spotlights five comics that were definitely not on many wish lists, according to the latest round of the Hottest Comics. Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Thor, and even Batman all felt the sting of rejection. Does that mean these issues are worthless? Far from it. Remember, this is about sales volume, not fair market value, and many of these Coldest Comics still carry sizable price tags.

On that sour note, let’s take a closer look at this week’s contenders. 

amazing_spider-man_78-204x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30723. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #78 (-635)

Anything within the first 100 issues of ASM is well worth having, as any experienced collector can verify. The fact that Amazing Spider-Man #78 is down for a week just makes it an opportune time to check those FMVs and add one to your long boxes.

As the cover reveals, this is the first appearance of the Prowler, whom we saw in Into the Spider-Verse. Don’t forget that Donald Glover portrayed him out of costume in Homecoming. Considering Glover’s credibility in the acting world, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios has bigger plans for the Prowler.

amazing_spider-man_73-206x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30719. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 (-615)

There was not much interest in the first appearance of Silvermane this week. Initially starting as the generic Scilian mobster, he evolved into basically evil Robocop. Personally, I would love to see his cyborg form in the MCU, but that may be too intense and creepy for the family-friendly MCU. Still, that doesn’t mean we won’t see Silvermane’s human form if one of the Disney+ series needs a stereotypical mafioso.

tales_to_astonish_93-197x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30636. TALES TO ASTONISH #93 (-589)

I would say this issue is down but not out. Falling by nearly 600 positions is significant, sure, but this is among the Silver Surfer keys, and those will only get hotter as the hype for him to join the MCU intensifies.

Here we have his first run-in with the Hulk, and the issue mainly serves to demonstrate the Surfer’s power as he easily defeats the Green Goliath. There is a chance that we could see this play out on movie screens, and that would give Tales to Astonish #93 a nice boost. 

thor_154-198x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/30669. THOR #154 (-568)

It is not out of the realm of possibility for Mangog to make an appearance in the Thor movies. He is the living embodiment of an entire race of beings’ hatred for Odin. When you hate someone so much that all your hate joins forces to become a monster, you may need medication and therapy.

As it were, Mangog made his debut in Thor #154. It was overlooked by many buyers this week, which could make this a nice pickup for the eagle-eyed collector.

Detective_Comics_317-203x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 4/301001. DETECTIVE COMICS #317 (-2)

Finally, we come to the last place in the Hottest Comics, the dreaded number 1,001. This week, the distinction falls on a Silver Age Batman tale, Detective Comics #317.

As is the typical trend, the comics that generally fall below #1000 are not necessarily key issues. That is why you don’t see many collectors gunning for these particular comics unless you’re filling spots in a run. Besides being a classic example of ‘60s-cheese Batman, there is not much reason for buyers to want this specific issue.

What do you think about this week’s Coldest Comics list? Tell us in the comments!

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