Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars

by Matt Tuck

Cold-Blog-300x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling StarsThe weekly Coldest Comics list was adorned with a repeat offender, but the biggest drop came from a new Batman villain’s first appearance.

As always, keep in mind that the following list is based on the weekly Hottest Comics index. It gives us a snapshot of eBay’s sales data for the last seven days. Comics will bounce up and down the list very quickly, so it is not an indication that these issues are unwanted. However, it does provide a look into the up-to-date collecting habits across the hobby.

With that, let’s dive into the numbers.

Batman-96-jiminez-variant-195x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars780. BATMAN #96 JORGE JIMENEZ VARIANT (-746)

Just a week ago, this comic ascended into the top-50 sellers. While not all issues of Batman #96 fell on hard times, this particular variant did not catch many eyes in the collecting world.

This issue featured the debut of the newest addition to Batman’s rogues gallery, the Clown Hunter. At this point, he does not appear to be a major force in the DC realm, so there is definitely a ceiling to the appeal of these issues. I don’t expect this one to stay down for too long simply because it is a Batman villain’s first appearance.

788851_thor-5-198x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars768. THOR #5 (-689)

A frequent flyer on the Coldest Comics, Thor #5 has made regular appearances on the list in recent months. Yes, this issue did feature the first full appearance of Black Winter, an intergalactic entity with power levels on par with Knull. Apparently, there is only room for one dark force of the cosmos at a time, so Black Winter got the ax. Actually, he got the hammer, considering Thor brought an end to him in Thor #6. Until something important happens with Black Winter, there is not likely to be much speculation with this issue. Still, I remain firm that the Thor villain will eventually return.

Strange-Academy-1-campbell-variant-198x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars764. STRANGE ACADEMY #1 J. SCOTT CAMPBELL VARIANT (-686)

By no means are the Strange Academy #1s cold comics. On the contrary, the SA #1s are hot due to the volume of first appearances featured on those pages. Will we see Strange Academy in the MCU? That is a likely possibility, so we can expect these comics to stay collectible. On the other hand, we have a variant and a reprint on today’s list, as the second print of Strange Academy #1 fell to #774 after dropping 574 positions of its own. I chalk both of these issues’ drops to the sheer mass of variants and reprints available. Something is bound to get lost in the shuffle.

Invincible-Iron-Man-9-second-print-192x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars725. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9 SECOND PRINT (-530)

Since Riri Williams is set to make her live-action debut in the Disney+ Armor Wars, you would think all the prints and variants of her first appearance would be on fire. Despite the second print falling behind in the sales department, they certainly are hot. Like those Strange Academy #1 subsequent printings and variants, Riri’s second print may have been lost in the tidal wave of attention. Regardless of the reason, Invincible Iron Man #9 is bound to bounce back in a hurry.

Wonder_Woman_Vol_1_42-240x300 Coldest Comics for the Week of 3/5: Falling Stars1001. WONDER WOMAN #42 (-2)

At the bottom of the pile, we find a Golden Age classic, Wonder Woman #42. This one comes filled with the goofiness that Golden Age collectors cherish. Here we see Wonder Woman in full costume taking laps in a race car…for some reason. It may not have been a huge seller, but there was enough interest here to keep it in the race, if you will.

What’s your opinion on the coldest comics of this week? Who do you think will make an appearance next week? Tell us in the comments!

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