Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen

by Matt Tuck

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Five issues took a collective dive this week, and the infamous Coldest Comics list included the unlikely appearances of Spawn and Carnage.

Does that mean that no one wants these comics? Certainly not. (And if you happen to want to get them off your hands, I’ll be happy to take them for free.) This is a sampling from a single week out of the entire year. 

What we are really looking for is a pattern of staying at the bottom of the sales’ rankings, so the real test will be to see which issues don’t recover. 

Keep in mind this is not a reflection of a comic’s fair market value. Instead, this is a snapshot of the sales data for graded comics from eBay. 

Out of the top 500 comics, which ones fell flat?

spawn-1-195x300 Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen338. SPAWN #1 (-336)

It was only a week ago that Spawn was on top of the collecting world. After being in the #1 and #2 spots for the past couple of weeks, today’s edition of the Coldest Comics saw Spawn #1 take a mighty flop into the deep end of the pool. The direct edition of Image Comics’ first hit fell by more than 300 positions. 

Collectors always want a high-grade issue of Spawn #1. At this point, it’s a must for any respectable collection. With all the uncertainty surrounding the new movie, it makes sense that collectors and speculators would move on to other comics. Once Todd McFarlane gives us an update, look for this one to return to the top 10.

Deadpool-1-194x300 Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen


356. DEADPOOL #1 (-334)

The Deadpool 3 movie news has given most of the DP keys a much-needed boost. Whether it’s the first comic in his original self-titled series or even his first appearance, Deadpool keys have been a roller coaster for the past year. With the cheaper price tag for Deadpool #1, this is a budget-friendly alternative to New Mutants #98, and I see DP #1 bouncing back to at least crack the top 100 in the next couple of weeks.


asm-361-195x300 Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen336. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #361 (-329)

ASM #361 had been a mainstay of the top 10 for years. If it dropped below tenth, it didn’t tend to stay there for long. That is a testament to Carnage’s immense popularity, and it doesn’t hurt that he is the villain for the Venom movie sequel. 

In recent weeks, Carnage’s first appearance has been floundering. The FMVs are still solid, but the sales volume has taken a hit. I think this is a side effect from the symbiote overload due to Knull’s crossover event, “The King in Black.” Eventually, ASM #361 will find its way back to the top of the heap.


Infinity-Gauntlet-1-194x300 Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen330. INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 (-309)

Last week, the Infinity Gauntlet keys made huge waves in the Hottest Comics. While it may not be the magic glove’s first appearance, Infinity Gauntlet #1’s amazing cover art makes it the most coveted of the Gauntlet keys. 

The thing about last week’s jump is that it defied logic. The Gauntlet was the centerpiece of the MCU for 10 years, but that story wrapped up in Endgame. As expected, those key issues began to dip and wane in collectibility. Suddenly, they made a resurgence, but it appears that was short-lived. Now the Gauntlet keys have come back to reality (stone).


asm-365-194x300 Coldest Comics: Falling Stars and Tumbling SpiderMen340. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #365 (-286)

The final entry on today’s Coldest Comics downward trend is the first appearance of Spider-Man 2099 included in a five-page preview in ASM #365. Personally, I think the original Spider-Man 2099 suit is beautiful and second only to the black suit, but I digress. 

When Spider-Man 2099 was featured in the post-credits scene of Into the Spider-Verse, it made this comic a hot commodity. That spurred a batch of rumors that had him starring in his own movie or perhaps a live-action series. Then the fires began to cool, and there has been no official word on the character’s future, and that has impacted the sales volume. Still, Sony wouldn’t add him to Into the Spider-Verse for nothing, so it is likely that Spider-Man 2099 will have his day sooner or later.

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