Coldest Comics 3/18

by Matt Tuck

031821C_Blog-300x300 Coldest Comics 3/18Kamala Khan’s first comic series fell on hard times this week as Ms. Marvel #1 dropped by over 800 positions in a week and Edge of Spider-Verse #5 held the dubious distinction of being ranked #1001 in this week’s Coldest Comics.

Lest we forget, these rankings are based on sales volume, not fair market values. In fact, many of the Coldest Comics fall behind in sales because they are earning such inflated price tags. By no means does that mean these comics should be trashed, but what it does tell us is that collectors weren’t falling over themselves trying to get copies, either.

657594_ms-marvel-1-198x300 Coldest Comics 3/18996. MS. MARVEL #1 (-806)

This one made the list likely due to price. With Ms. Marvel’s Disney+ show on the horizon and the potential for her involvement in a Young Avengers live-action adaptation, you would think Ms. Marvel #1 would be ranked much higher on the list. However, this particular issue has become rather expensive, at least for a modern key issue. That could be deterring many collectors from adding this one to their collections, at least until the values dip a little. 

Cap-6-standard-196x300 Coldest Comics 3/18951. CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 (-762)

I can think of two primary reasons for collectors to want, which is why it was surprising to see Captain America #6 clinging to the bottom of the Hottest Comics this week. First of all, the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is only days away. With this being the first full appearance of Bucky as Winter Soldier, it is a prime target leading into the show.

To a lesser extent, there also is a Chris Evans mail-in signing event happening soon. Of course, the spots were taken up by March 9, and it closed early. If you can’t guess, I had hoped to participate in this one, but I was too late. My guess is other collectors felt that same sting, and that is why they may not have been rushing for those modern Cap keys since it was too late to get them signed. 

Static-1-collectors-edition-194x300 Coldest Comics 3/18907. STATIC #1 COLLECTOR’S EDITION (-720)

Static is about to get much more popular. In the past month, it was announced that Michael B. Jordan, who has been Hollywood’s “it” actor since he stole the show in Black Panther, would produce a live-action Static movie for Warner Bros. With that added attention comes higher prices. The collector’s edition at a 9.8 has suddenly gone from being a $230 comic to routinely bringing $300 or more. Within the past couple of weeks, one has even brought $460.

venom_lethal_gold_1-199x300 Coldest Comics 3/18901. VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1 GOLD EDITION (-716)

If collectors did not want to spend $400 or more on a copy of Static, then Venom: Lethal Protector #1 was not a high priority, either, at least not for the gold edition. Just last month, a 9.8 gold edition VLP #1 sold for an astounding $1,140, which makes last year’s record high of $750 look like a good deal. That is a high price to pay for this comic, even though it is considered rare. 

668708_edge-of-spider-verse-5-198x300 Coldest Comics 3/181001. EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 (-2)

Pulling up the rear, we have Edge of Spider-Verse #5. Back when Into the Spider-Verse wowed audiences with its unique animated style and blend of Spider-people from across the multiverse, this issue received a huge price boost. Since then, not much has happened with those alternate Spiders outside of Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. That may be why collectors have been shying away from this issue for the past week.

Is there a different reason any of these books landed on the coldest comics list?  Tell us what you think in the comments!

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