Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues

by Matt Tuck

112321D-1024x536 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine BluesWhat goes up must come down, but some things fall harder than others. That is especially true in the world of comic collecting, where a key can go from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the Coldest Comics.

Remember, the Hottest Comics are based on sales volume for the past 30 days, and the data is always moving. This is a snapshot of the current buying patterns. Today’s Coldest Comics blog focuses on those issues that saw dips in their sales. By no means is that an indication to abandon ship, but it could help you to find better deals during a lull. Here’s more.

GSXmen1-194x300 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues82. GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 (-55)

Giant-Size X-Men #1 is down but not out. Sure, it lost more positions than any other comic since the end of October, landing it on our Coldest Comics list, but that is a temporary setback. After all, next to X-Men #1, this is the key of X-keys. Sooner or later, it will bounce back in full force.

What’s caused it to drop 55 positions since the last week of October? It is likely a case of being out of the news loop. Since last year, there has been wave after wave of X-Men rumors. When will they come to the MCU? What lineup will we see? The fan curiosity drove the GSX #1 market to new heights. In the process, even the lower grades have become out of reach for many collectors, forcing them to opt for cheaper alternatives.

Throughout October, the X-Men gossip grew silent while the monster that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe rolled along. Week after week, new characters and gossip were churning the waters, but the X-Men announcements remained quiet. Then came Disney+’s massive slate of live-action and animated series on the horizon, and that could spark a renewed interest in GSX #1. The upcoming X-Men ‘97 cartoon, which is a revival of the 1990s’ X-Men: the Animated Series, has generated plenty of interest, and that could carry over to those X-keys.

Bear in mind that while the sales volume for GSX #1 is down, that doesn’t mean it isn’t selling. In the past week, two 9.8s have traded hands online. The first was on November 18 when a copy brought $43,200. A day later, another copy sold for $38,400, both of which were a far cry from the record high $72k set in the summer. Even at the bottom of the grades – a lowly 2.5 – has sold for over $1,600 this month.

Batman-the-Killing-Joke-195x300 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues94. BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE (-53)

Will we ever get that live-action Killing Joke adaptation? It’s been rumored for years, and the gossip was churning at full speed after fans saw Jared Leto’s Joker and Ben Affleck’s Batman in the post-credits scene of the Justice League Snyder Cut. Many sites reported that WarnerMedia was negotiating with the actors to bring the Killing Joke to life for HBO Max, and it spurred sales for the graphic novel.

All has grown quiet on that front, and most buyers have moved on to other pursuits. If a new rumor springs from the ground, you can expect another wave of interest for The Killing Joke. For now, it is falling on hard times and in danger of dropping out of the top 100 altogether.

So far this month, a first print graded at a 9.8 sold for $273, which is up from last year’s average of $195. That increased price tag without a live-action movie in the works could have caused buyers to shy away at least for the past 30 days.

New-Mutants-87-196x300 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues90. NEW MUTANTS #87 (-53)

Old Man Cable has returned to the comics, and longtime X-Men readers were pleased with the news. In the comics, the original time-hopping Cable was seemingly killed by a younger version of himself nicknamed Kid Cable. When Jonathan Hickman revamped the X-Men brand, it was the younger Cable that was a featured act in the new era. He even became part of the Summers family dynamic, which was something we had never seen before. 

No matter what the creative team did with Kid Cable, fans wanted the original to return to the pages of X-Men. Not that anyone thought the old man wouldn’t be back; these are comics, after all, where no one stays dead for long. Oftentimes, old versions of characters are written off just to bring them back in grand fashion later on. Such appears to be the case with Old Man Cable.

It would seem that moment of excitement has passed as collectors turned away from Cable’s first appearance in New Mutants #87. When it comes to investing in comics, the real predictor of success is the world of live action. We saw Josh Brolin portray Cable in Deadpool 2, but there has not been word on whether or not he will return for the third entry. That could be another factor in buyers taking a break from NM #87.

Values for the 9.8 NM #87 first printing have been gradually on the decline. On November 8, one sold for $780, but that was followed by sales of $610 and $600. The prices have continued to fall, and this week saw one drop to $585 on November 20. A day later, two more sales netted $510 and $513. With prices falling, it may encourage buyers to profit from the dip, and New Mutants #87 may suddenly be one of the Hottest Comics in the near future.

Marvel-Premiere-1-200x300 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues88. MARVEL PREMIERE #1 (-49)

Throughout October, those Warlock keys were as hot as they have ever been. From his first appearances in Fantastic Four #67 and Thor #165 to his wardrobe change in Marvel Premiere #1, anything connected to Adam Warlock was given a massive boost. That all came from James Gunn’s confirmation that the character had been cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and that Will Poulter would be playing the role. Overnight, those HIM/Warlock keys exploded, carrying the fair market values to new heights. 

As November chugs along, buyers are seemingly taking a break from Warlock firsts. Some of this could be due to speculation fatigue, especially with the rising prices. At this point, if you didn’t already jump on the bandwagon, you can expect to pay a premium to get any of those issues in higher grades. For that matter, the lower grades are flexing as well, so there’s really no getting into the action for cheap. That discourages buyers from spending their dollars when there are so many other investing options.

The Poulter news catapulted the higher grades to new heights, and that may be discouraging buyers at the moment. Earlier this month, a 9.8 sold for $18,000. On the lower end of the ladder, there are still decent values to be found. The 4.0, for one, last sold for less than $200 this month.

Inc-Hulk-180-1-201x300 Coldest Comics 11/24: Wolverine Blues97. INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (-40)

The past month has been a tough one for Wolverine. Not only did GSX #1 and Logan’s first appearance in Hulk #180 take hits in the rankings, but Wolverine #1 of his ongoing series from 1988 dropped by almost 30 spots, earning it a Coldest Comics honorable mention.+++

Why are the Logan keys taking such a pounding since the end of October? With so much news and an ever-evolving MCU landscape, this could be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. Earlier this year, the rumors were rampant for Wolverine. There was word that he was getting his own Disney+ series and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier planted two Wolverine Easter eggs in Madripoor and the Princess Bar, which Logan co-owns in the comics. Then Hugh Jackman ignited a wave of gossip with his social media posts in which he shared images that fans thought could hint that he is returning to the role. Jackman has since clarified that he is not on his way back to the X-Men; the gossip has died down.

Since the end of summer, the Wolverine and X-Men MCU speculation has quieted. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios is steamrolling along, and there are new movies and characters being announced almost by the week. Naturally, collectors trying to keep up with the nonstop Marvel news have put the X-Men on the backburner, and that includes even Wolverine’s biggest keys. Thus, Hulk #180, featuring the first cameo appearance of one of Marvel’s most popular characters, did a backslide through the rankings.

Like GSX #1, stalled sales don’t equate to low prices. Earlier this week, a 9.6 broke its previous record with a $9,400 sale. The real tale of the tape is an incomplete 0.5 that sold for a record $258 on November 3, and that may be the best reason for the slow sales since the end of October.

Which of these Coldest Comics do you own? Which of these Coldest Comics is a surprise? Let us know in the comments!

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