Cold Cut Online Catalog Is Fixed

by Jeff

Announcement from Cold Cut Distribution:

Since Monday (October 22nd), the Cold Cut Online Catalog has been offline — but it was just a minor software glitch, and we fixed the problem and the Cold Cut Catalog is back up and running again! To access the catalog, simply visit our main web page at, and enter your login name and password in the space provided. The Online Catalog is updated with current in-stock information every 24 hours.

If you have not placed an order with Cold Cut in the past few months, don’t fear – we still have plenty of books in stock! With the Online Catalog you can easily browse through and see what is available, and it shows the current stocking status of every item that is in stock. We are still processing and shipping orders on a regular basis, and most orders ship within 1 business day.

We expect to be moving to a new location in the very near future, although we do not have any details to announce at this time. But don’t worry – we will give everyone plenty of advance notice — and until that time, please feel free to keep ordering from Cold Cut as you normally would!

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