Clifford Meth’s Next Masterpiece Arrives February 2010

by Jeff

saloongirl Clifford Meth's Next Masterpiece Arrives February 2010Media Release — THE WHOREHOUSE MADRIGALS, which will be released in February, 2010, collects my newest trove of short fiction, many of which deal will the world’s oldest profession. It features gorgeous illustrations by Mike Henderson, one of the hottest new illustrators in the genre; Mike’s ladies of the evening are almost better than the real thing. Not that I would know… The book also features a painted cover by the late, great Kelly Freas, the HUGO and NEBULA AWARD winning, undisputed heavyweight champion of fantasy art.

And… (ready for this?) The book’s introduction was penned by Handsome Dick Manitoba, the pop icon and celebrated front-man for the notorious proto-punk band THE DICTATORS. Is it as funny and smart and terrific as my publisher thinks it is? Put it this way: If it’s not, you can return it to him for a full re fund. How’s that for confidence?

THE WHOREHOUSE MADRIGALS will be distributed by Diamond Distribution and should be available anywhere fine books are sold, to say nothing of books about whores, but I’m asking my readers to pre-order the book directly from the publisher. And if they do, it will come signed.

To order, send $12.99 + 1.25 postage to:
Aardwolf Publishing
179-9 Rt. 46 West, Box 252
Rockaway, NJ 078766

And for the serious collector, there’s a double-lettered edition, signed by Mike Henderson, Dick Manitoba and me. There will only be 52 copies of this deluxe book-plated edition. The price is a measly $40 plus $1.25 postage. You’d pay more than that for a massage without the happy ending.

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