Chuck’s Critiques: The Listener

by Jeff

Chuck’s Critiques by Charles LePage

LISTENER_cover Chuck's Critiques: The ListenerThe Listener
David Lester
Arbeiter Ring Publishers

Per the website for The Listener, “In THE LISTENER, two stories collide: the rise of Hitler and a woman artist searching for meaning in the great art of Europe… THE LISTENER by David Lester contrasts the true story of a 1933 election with the fiction of a political death in 2010.” I will concede to enjoying the preview pages and the concept a great deal. This seems to be a perfect theme for a melancholy and mature black and white graphic novel. Given the historical aspect of this tale, I’ll be intrigued to find out how accurate the portions regarding Adolph Hitler are.

Comic Attack has a very detailed review of The Listener (clearly, they have read the entire novel and not just some preview pages, and a spoiler warning should be issued before you read their review). As they say, “the stereotypical artist is a “beautiful soul,” putting passionate feelings to canvas, print, stone, or song. It’s hard to believe that a Walt Whitman or a Georges Seurat would systematically murder an entire race of people.” Art of any sort can be produced and used with a wide range of intentions, and it appears this novel is a reminder we shouldn’t automatically assign virtue to artists based upon their talents.

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