Chuck’s Critiques: Penny For Your Soul #1

by Jeff

Chuck’s Critiques by Charles LePage

coverFRONT_dog Chuck's Critiques: Penny For Your Soul #1Penny For Your Soul #1
Big Dog Ink
Tom Hutchison, J.B. Neto, Oren Kramek

Tom Hutchison of Big Dog Ink was kind of enough to send me a digital preview of Penny For Your Soul #1, a comic he created that should be available in May. I just read it, and I can say it is well drawn and written, though it’s not exactly my kind of comic book.

chucks_critiques_small Chuck's Critiques: Penny For Your Soul #1The comic involves people going to a casino and selling their souls to Satan for $10,000. I assume most, if not everyone, doesn’t take that trade seriously, and likewise assume they are getting the ten grand essentially for free.

We meet Mr. Anderson as he visits the casino for the first time, signs on the dotted line, and gets a “pet” (female companionship) for the weekend. He seems pleased with the deal, but again, it’s hard to say if he took the bargain at face value.

Obviously, you can’t actually sell your soul, which doesn’t belong to you, to anyone. But I don’t think the comic is trying to teach accurate theology.

Like I said, this book isn’t aimed at me, but Tom and company did an above average job. Plus, the cover looks like Alan Davis drew it. How can you pass that up?

More info on the comic and publisher can be found at

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