Check Your Long Boxes for ASM #210

by Matt Tuck

Madame-Web-art-288x300 Check Your Long Boxes for ASM #210Madame Web has become a blisteringly hot character in recent weeks, and her first appearance suddenly is one of the biggest sellers on the market. Time to check your long boxes for Amazing Spider-Man #210.

Of all those in the Spider-verse to star in a spin off, why Madame Web? She’s an interesting character, sure, but she’s never been overly popular, nor does she have a deep and engaging mythology surrounding her. Morbius, Black Cat/Sable, and even Silk made more sense for solo live-action adventures. Frankly, I was expecting Spider-Woman to get her own movie well before Madame Web. 

What will the movie be about? Who knows, but it should give the filmmakers a blank slate as far as audience expectations, which worked wonders for the Guardians of the Galaxy. That being said, there’s the potential that this could be a surprise hit since the writers and director can do whatever they want with this character.

When it comes to Madame Web speculation, which issues do you want? I’m glad you asked.

ASM-210-201x300 Check Your Long Boxes for ASM #210AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #210

This issue has been on fire, and it’s burning through the ranks. This time last month, virtually no one cared about Madame Web, but ever since the movie news reached the masses, this issue has been a major force. It has risen over 700 places in a month’s time, and it ranked 22nd on the Hottest Comics index as of October 23.

With that meteoric pace comes higher prices, and almost every grade sold in the past month has gotten the bump. At the top of the heap, the graded 9.8 is averaging $596 in the last 90 days when two years ago it had a fair market value of $223. Most of the grades sold have been in the near-mint and upper-mid categories, with the 7.5 bringing a record-high $120 on September 26, which happened to be the same day the movie news was broken. 


Secret-Wars-7-201x300 Check Your Long Boxes for ASM #210SECRET WARS #7

Julia Carpenter’s first full appearance has been a popular issue ever since Sony announced plans for a female-led Spider-Verse movie. I originally theorized that she and Jessica Drew would be central figures in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel, but her character could be used in a much different direction, which leads to the next comic on the list. 

If you’re looking to add this comic to your collection, now is a good time. After jumping considerably in the past 12 months, it’s been losing ground over the past 90 days. Take the 9.8 for example. Although it had a 12-month average of $160, the last three months has seen it slip to an FMV of $110. 



ASM-637-196x300 Check Your Long Boxes for ASM #210AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #637

In ASM #637, as part of the “Grim Hunt” story arc, the original Madame Web, Cassandra Web, was killed in an attempt to resurrect Kraven the Hunter. As Cassandra lay dying, she passed her powers (and blindness) to Julia Carpenter. As far as a movie, a modified version of “Grim Hunt” may be what we see on screen. It’s hard to imagine the elderly Madame Web being the star of a superhero movie (although, to be honest, I have grown bored with the genre’s formula that I would welcome any change of pace, and that would be a major pace change), but the idea of her transferring her powers to a younger heroine could make for an interesting movie. If that ends up being the case, then this issue will gain value, at least in the short term.


Will a Madame Web movie ever see the light of day? That’s a question only the Sony executives can answer. All we know is that it is in development, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will make it any further than that. That’s why I advise caution when buying her first appearance as the prices will continue inflating even though the balloon could burst at any moment.


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