Check out Radio Ga Ga in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14

by Jeff

radiogaga Check out Radio Ga Ga in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14Media Release — “Radio Ga Ga” is the newest and zaniest story to come to the pages of the Dark Horse Presents anthology.

Written by Chad Lambert and drawn by Apriyadi Kusbiantoro, “Radio Ga Ga” is the story of a young man with a dream who gets mistaken for an assassin. People think radio personalities are crazy, but sometimes it’s the listeners who are truly flippin’ nuts. Especially when they can get you arrested by the Secret Service.

“Writers are supposed to write what they know, and no one knows how to fail at broadcasting more than me. I never realized my pain was so funny to others,” said Chad.

“I’ve been sitting on these radio stories for fifteen years, but I was always kind of embarrassed to share them. Then one day, out of the blue, my wife informed me that these tales would make fascinating comic-book stories. So, if you like ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ blame her.”

“Chad’s self-deprecating sense of humor makes his pain and suffering fun to draw. I’m proud to have this story be my debut at Dark Horse,” stated Apriyadi.

Check out “Radio Ga Ga” in Dark Horse Presents #14, on stands July 18!

About Chad Lambert

Chad Lambert is a five-time Howard E. Day Memorial Award finalist and two-time Champion City Award nominee for his work in creator-owned small press comics. His recent work includes Kung Fu Panda from Ape Entertainment. Lambert spent several years in radio (1996–2002) as both an on-air personality and producer.

About Apriyadi Kusbiantoro

Apriyadi Kusbiantoro is an Indonesia-based illustrator and founding member of Urakurek Animation Studio. His recent works include biographies of George Carlin and the Three Stooges for Bluewater’s COMICS series.

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