CHARISMAGIC #1 sells out, earns second printing

by Jeff

charismagic_1_2ndprinting CHARISMAGIC #1 sells out, earns second printingMedia Release — Aspen Comics is pleased to announce that Charismagic #1, released on April 6th, has sold out at the Diamond Level, following the recent sell out of the zero issue as well. Charismagic is Aspen’s all-new dark fantasy adventure series centering on a Las Vegas magician and a hidden world of magic. Created by Vince Hernandez with character designs and illustrations by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez, Charismagic marks the first new release of 2011 for Aspen Comics. Critics have said that Charismagic #1 “Has everything you need for a potentially great series,” and it “Makes for a surprisingly distinctive read that certainly offers something new.” Creator Hernandez stated his excitement over the sell out:

“The response to the book has been overwhelming to say the least, and I’m so thankful for the fans, the retailers, and everyone else who has supported the release, picked up a copy, and helped spread the word. I couldn’t have asked for a better launch for a new book than this, so many thanks go out to everyone who contributed to it!”

Aspen plans to return to press for a second printing of Charismagic #1 which will be available in stores in May. Aspen also encourages fans to check out their local retail shops as copies of the first printings of Charismagic #0 and Charismagic #1 may also still be available at the retail level. For more information on Aspen Comics please check and

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