Character Spotlight:  Doop (X-Force)

by Richard G

Pic1-196x300 Character Spotlight:  Doop (X-Force)We all know about the major characters in Marvel Comics but what about the minor, even the smallest of minor characters out there in the Marvel Universe?  This article will focus on one such character.  Easily a mutant that you never hear of or maybe forgotten about since its creation in 2001.  A strange and most mysterious mutant character, very little is known about him, a mix between Slimer and E.T and has a long list of Omega level abilities.  With all that being said, there are talks about possibly seeing this character in a future Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  The exact details are of course anyone’s guess but what this article is going to focus on is a character that you might not know.  Let me introduce you to Doop.

Origin of Doop

Information about Doop’s origins is difficult to trace and confirm.  But what we do know, according to Captain America, is that the US government created him in a secret Cold War weapons project.   Supposedly, he had a role in the fall of communism in the Eastern Bloc and was instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union.  Even though he was unable to speak English, many people learned to understand him even as he spoke his own alien language, which we later find out is from a place called Marginalia, the world between worlds.

Pic2-200x300 Character Spotlight:  Doop (X-Force)Doop is a strange yet popular personality in the superhero-community, as well as a fan favorite to the T.V. watching audience as he originally served as a cameraman.  Some consider him best friends with Wolverine.  He would serve on teams such as the X-Force, later called X-Static as well as later becoming a receptionist at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.  A very powerful mutant in his own right as you will see shortly with a list of his powers and abilities, he held his own fighting Thor believe it or not and was even a love interest of Kitty Pryde and Warbird.

Powers and Abilities    

Doop has many extraordinary powers as well as powers that are still concealed.  The powers that he has shown are:

The ability to extend a long, prehensile tongue


Energy blasts from a fragment of his brain

The power to inflate himself

Enough strength to knock down Thor

The power to protect himself and others from psychic or telepathic detectionPic3-300x241 Character Spotlight:  Doop (X-Force)

Immunity to time manipulation

The power to safely have body parts removed and put back together

Storing improbably large objects inside of himself

A small backup brain allows him to survive for a few days without his main brain

The ability to duplicate objects

Doop’s pimple also evidently contained a timeless pocket world in which living beings live out their nightmares

Xforce-116-200x300 Character Spotlight:  Doop (X-Force)First Appearance

Doop was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and first appeared in X-Force #116 (2001).   Oddly enough, Doop was part of the X-Force team as a professional-level videographer and not necessarily as a superhero, even though he would save team members on numerous occasions.  His main gig was to follow the team around on special missions, enemy confrontations and even record personal and private scenes with other team members for the T.V. audience.  As most of the X-Force team members died, he and the remaining members later became X-Static.

The census is extremely small when it comes to the 1st appearance of Doop.  Believe it or not, according to the CGC census, there are only 169 graded copies of X-Force #116 with 69 graded at 9.8.  According to GoCollect, the FMV for a graded 9.8 copy is $85 with the last sale being in 2/2020 for $102.  The FMV of a graded 9.6 copy is $34, and there are 65 examples of 9.6 in existence according to CGC.

Interesting to note, according to Comichron, X-Force #115 had a print run of 39,377 and X-Force #116 had a print run of 52, 471.  This should tell you a couple of things, speculation was going strong, even in 2001 and there had to have been some hype with the solicits or previews for the introduction of a couple of new characters in X-Force #116 (not just Doop)?!  Go figure.


The thing about comic book collecting is when people collect one way, it doesn’t mean you have to go in the same direction as them.  This is a character that no one is talking about but could easily be in a movie, Disney+ series, or in any cartoon show (actually made a cameo appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode “Back in Black”).  But just like with anything else, the slightest hint of something will see those CGC census numbers soar as more and more people will submit and grade what they have.  Collect what you want to collect but be it known, on this day, you now know who Doop is – an elite member of the X-Force and a good friend to Wolverine.

Please share your thoughts and comments you have about Doop.  Is he one of your favorite X-Force characters?  Does he remind you of Ghostbuster’s Slimer?  Do you see him appearing on to the big/small screen in the MCU?  Which X-Force character is your favorite?  Who is another character in comics you would like a Character Spotlight on?

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Brandon April 26, 2020 - 8:24 am

There is a newsstand version of this book to look out for.

Richard Guzman April 26, 2020 - 6:05 pm

Good call. Newsstand copies are always good to find on any comic book. If you have one, congrats!


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