Celebrate the Wire Hangers launch in NYC

by Jeff

feb100963 Celebrate the Wire Hangers launch in NYCMedia Release — To celebrate the release of his new horror/conspiracy miniseries, Wire Hangers published by IDW Publishing, Life of Agony bassist/Spoiler NYC front man, Alan Robert, will be signing copies of the debut issue at Forbidden Planet, 840 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 on Friday, April 23rd beginning at 6:30pm EST. Wire Hangers #1 is now on sale worldwide!

In addition, ArtGuitar and Robert have teamed up to create a limited-edition, custom designed Wire Hangers RiffMasterTM guitar controller for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Robert will be giving one away to a lucky winner at Friday’s signing. This is no cheap plastic toy controller, but a full-sized wood controller. Add custom artwork from IDW’s Wire Hangers comic, and you’ve got yourself one wicked lookin’ axe! Check out an image of the controller here: http://www.wirehangerscomic.com/signing/

There will be multiple designs offered for these controllers, and multiple contests leading up to the release of Issue #2 (May), #3 (June) and #4 (July) of the Wire Hangers series, featuring different characters from the books.

“Jack-of-All-Trades, Alan Robert not only paces things perfectly through the issue, ramping up the mystery page-by-page turning page, but the ambiance created with his color and lighting is perfect.” – Paul Nolan, The Comic Addiction

“WIRE HANGERS was gestating in Alan Robert’s head for some time, and in a way, it shows. It feels like a comic conceived by a veteran of the form. It’s spooky, bloody, and a lot of fun to read!” – Royal Nonesuch, The Outhousers

Wire Hangers’ creator, writer and illustrator, Alan Robert is no stranger to comics. He studied cartooning under Walter Simonson (X-Factor, The Mighty Thor) at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he attended on scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Best known for being the primary songwriter behind Life of Agony’s critically acclaimed River Runs Red concept album, Robert is also an accomplished artist. He has designed and illustrated merchandise, advertisements and websites for multi-platinum acts such as 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd and Shinedown.

The Wire Hangers 32-page debut issue focuses on a series of abductions plaguing New York and no one is safe. When Anna Davis, a feisty female reporter, goes undercover to try and snag the big exclusive, she gets in way over her head. She stumbles upon clues that give us a glimpse into what could be the most disturbing government conspiracy of our time. Pill-popping detectives, corrupt secret agents and a mysterious, disfigured homeless man are all inter-connected in this horrific tale of revenge and redemption.

Robert states “I’ve wanted to tell this story as long as I can remember. I came up with the Wire Hangers concept a few years back, when Life of Agony was on the road with Ozzy Osbourne. It has haunted me ever since! Whenever we were touring or in the recording studio, I would find myself sketching characters on the back of lyric sheets and leaving voicemail messages for myself with scene dialogue. By the time I presented the idea to IDW, early this year, the story was completely fleshed out. Visually, it’s dark and gritty with a ton of textures and atmosphere. The artwork really sets a tone for the series and plays an equal part in telling the story.”

“I really can’t express just how excited I am to see this idea finally come to life. Having been a huge comic book fan since I was a kid, to finally create my own series is a dream come true. Especially releasing it through IDW, who has put out some of my favorite comics like 30 Days of Night and Welcome to Hoxford. It’s a real honor to have my book in the same catalog as those titles.”

Alan Robert is currently recording a new Spoiler NYC album titled “Banned in 38 States” with Grammy Award winning producer Ken Lewis (Lenny Kravits, Beastie Boys, Fall Out Boy). The album will be the sophomore release for the NY based punk-trio, following their 2007 debut “Grease Fire in Hell’s Kitchen” (SOS Records).

Life of Agony recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary with an extremely successful European tour where they performed in front of crowds as large as 50,000 people with Faith No More and 50 Cent. Plans to release a “20 Years Strong” DVD (I Scream Records), featuring show footage, interviews and backstage antics is in the works. More info on the DVD can be found here at lifeofagony.com

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