Celebrate 30 years of Dark Horse Comics on DARK HORSE DAY 2016

by Jeff

dhdaybuffy Celebrate 30 years of Dark Horse Comics on DARK HORSE DAY 2016Media Release — 2016 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Dark Horse Comics, and it’s time to party! What is Dark Horse Day? Dark Horse Comics is delivering a one-day event celebrating 30 years of Dark Horse’s rich publishing history with our direct market partners. Dark Horse will be providing promotional materials, discounts, and other incentives to all eligible participating stores.

When is it? Saturday, June 4!

How do I qualify? Retailers will be eligible to participate in Dark Horse Day by purchasing key backlist titles. Over forty titles will be available for retailers to choose from in the April cover-dated issue of Previews!

While all qualifying accounts will receive promotional items, quantities will be based on participation levels. Retailers will qualify by placing orders for select backlist items, as long as the end net order meets or exceeds the tier level. Qualifying orders and additional sale discounts must be entered using the APR15 Previews order form.

Discounts and promotional materials will be provided as follows:

• Order 5 TPs: receive 5% off and one promo package.
• Order 10 TPs: receive 10% off and two promo packages.
• Order 15 TPs: receive 15% off and three promo packages.
• Order 20 TPs: receive 20% off and four promo packages.

What’s included in the promo packages? Each promo package will contain a Dark Horse patch, five double-sided posters, five postcards, five window clings, and five Dark Horse Day Sampler comics featuring some of the most notable properties we’ve published over the years.

What’s featured in the Dark Horse Day Sampler comic? As Dark Horse Comics turns thirty, we present a look back at some of our top titles from past decades, including Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time (1994), by Randy Stradley and Phill Norwood, Sin City: Daddy’s Little Girl (1996), by Frank Miller, and The Umbrella Academy: Anywhere but Here (2008), by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá! Plus: a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer tale by Christos Gage! Also features a new cover by Steve Morris. The forty-page Dark Horse Day Sampler will be included in all promo packages.

Should retailers want to order the Dark Horse Day Sampler comic only, it will be offered in shrink-wrapped bundles of twenty-five copies for just ten dollars!
Additionally, all retailers who participate in this promotion will automatically be entered into a contest to have a pizza party for their store. Twenty stores total will be selected at random.

One additional grand prize winner will be selected to receive a pizza party plus a $1,000 credit through Diamond Distributors, where retailers can select their favorite Dark Horse comics, trades, and products. Items will arrive at the winning store prior to Dark Horse Day.

Retailers: Look for the April cover-dated issue of Previews for more details on participation levels, along with promotional support offered by Dark Horse for the event!

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