CBLDF reveals 2011 Member Incentive Program

by Jeff

cbldf_greenlantern CBLDF reveals 2011 Member Incentive ProgramMedia Release — The CBLDF is proud to unveil our 2011 Member Incentive Program! Leading off with a Green Lantern member card by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert, produced by Graphitti Designs, this year’s member program is the best ever! This year’s rewards include an exclusive button set, a tote bag featuring art by Sergio Aragones, personalized original art member cards, a limited edition Paul Pope art print, and many other great items offering to thank our members for supporting the CBLDF’s First Amendment legal work! The full breakdown of Membership incentives can be found at: http://cbldf.org/contribute/membership/

In the coming year and beyond, the CBLDF will not only continue to be the first line of defense in Free Speech cases throughout the comic industry, but it will also continue to develop education and outreach programs, including working with the American Library Association to raise awareness of graphic novel challenges in libraries, and developing a best practices guide to customs for comics fans. We need your help to continue the fight against unconstitutional laws and to raise money to fight cases affecting retailers, artists and readers in the United States. We will do all this and more, with the support of new, and renewing members.

Joining the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund comes with a number of incentives, across several donation tiers, each with its own premiums and benefits. This year, every member will receive our 2011 Membership card, featuring DC Comics’ GREEN LANTERN, with art by superstar Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert. Members joining at higher level will receive other great items, including, a button set featuring our logo, and an “I READ BANNED COMICS” button, for our $50 members. Our $100 members will receive those items and a new CBLDF Tote Bag, featuring art by the great Sergio Aragones! This tote bag is a durable canvas, measuring 14 by 16 inches, and the perfect way to carry all your comics and graphic novels, while showing your support for a great cause.

At higher donation levels, we are offering hand drawn membership cards, sketched by such amazing artists as Jeffrey Brown, Matt Wagner and Eric Powell, and a beautiful, extremely limited, signed and numbered print by PAUL POPE (Batman Y100, HEAVY LIQUID, 100 %). A video about the creation of this awesome print can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3PKyK0bMGo.

Of course, the number one benefit of membership is peace of mind. The CBLDF is a vital and active advocate the defense of free expression, and the promotion of the comics art form, but we need your help! Become a member of the CBLDF and help preserve comics as a vital medium in the new century. Information about joining and details about our 2011 premiums can be found at http://cbldf.org/contribute/membership/

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