Carnage Cools, But Bloodshot Heats Up

by Matt Tuck

150244_abb0fe36b224a249fbb5a9d013155a8df3f4a6c4-196x300 Carnage Cools, But Bloodshot Heats Up

Carnage sales are finally starting slow down, but Venom remains the king of villains.

After dominating eBay graded sales for weeks, “Amazing Spider-Man” #361 dipped ever so slightly in the hottest comics page, moving down from first to third. The symbiotes still own the top five, however, as “Amazing Spider-Man” #300 went back to number one, while “Secret Wars” #8 moved up one place to number five.

Sliding back two places is nothing to be too concerned about. In another month, sales could pick up and move ASM 361 right back to where it was. However, the issue here is whether or not this slide will continue. As I’ve been steadily warning you about, Sony’s “Venom” solo movie is not shaping up to be a hit. If Spider-Man isn’t tied into this film, it’s not going to be the Venom that we have loved, which means Carnage won’t be the same, either. The other factor for the falling sales could be that collectors are simply not willing to pay those inflated prices. If it falls further in the rankings, then you’ll know that ASM 361 is finally coming back to reality, making it a buyer’s market for that issue.

The real climber at the moment is “Eternal Warrior” #4 – the first cameo appearance of Bloodshot. The Valiant character is getting his debut feature film, and he is getting the attention for it. “Eternal Warrior” #4 in the past month has moved up an incredible 453 places and now sits at eighteenth in the hottest comics rankings. With a comic heating up that much, the prices are going to be heating up, too. Right now, you can get a graded 9.8 for an average price of $127 and a 9.6 for close to $65. The more news that comes out about the movie, the higher these prices are going to be, so don’t drag your feet getting a copy.

“Eternal Warrior” #4 surpassed one comic that has taken a hit in eBay sales – “X-Men” #101. I can’t help but think this is due to the poor reception of Fox’s proposed “X-Men: Apocalypse” follow-up, “Dark Phoenix.” This is more evidence that inflated prices for what sounds like a bad movie isn’t going to hold up, so don’t get excited and start buying the minute you hear there’s going to be a feature film; be patient and see if it might actually be a GOOD movie.

Here’s where I am surprised by the numbers: “God Country” #1 fell 48 places and is barely in the top 100. Maybe it doesn’t have a movie or television announcement (for the love of…God (Country)… the first appearance of (yawn) Squirrel Girl is skyrocketing, but that’s a topic for a different post), but this is a great book and deserves far more attention. This is one I highly recommend simply for the story and the art, but at the same time, I can see it being adapted for the screen, big or small. If that were to happen, “God Country” #1, particularly cover A, will be extremely popular…and expensive. Get it now.

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