Carlos Pacheco Returns To Marvel

by Jeff

Marvel is pleased to announce that superstar artist Carlos Pacheco has returned to Marvel—and Marvel.Com has the scoop! CLICK HERE for the details on Carlos’ first project at Marvel and some exclusive comments from Executive Editor Tom Brevoort!

Plus, don’t miss the debut of Carlos’ first new piece of Marvel art, which appears as the variant on a red-hot new ongoing Marvel series!

What’re you waiting for? Learn all about the return of Carlos Pacheco to Marvel right now!

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“Carlos matches the power and the classicism of a John Buscema with a modern approach to storytelling that’s always exciting-looking and never hard to follow,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort.
“One of our Sales and Marketing team, Arune Singh, came up with the idea of doing a ‘Parents’ cover to showcase the lineage of the Secret Warriors characters,” relates Brevoort. “And the fact that it was this eclectic cast of characters is why I thought of Carlos for it in the first place, as he’s a true Marvel fan from way back. In fact, when I told him what the cover would be and who the characters were, his reaction was ‘You mean this is all of the classic characters that we love? Awesome!'”
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“My favorite bit of business on this cover is the skeletal horse the Phantom Rider is riding,” Brevoort explains. “He never had such a steed in the past, this was Carlos’ brainstorm—inspired by the Ghost Rider movie, I’d expect—and it works great!

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