Captain Victory Resolicited For 2008

by Jeff

BERKELEY, CA (October 1st, 2007) – While Image Comics is set to expand its line of creator-owned Jack Kirby classics with the upcoming CAPTAIN VICTORY hardcover, the decision has been made to hold off its release until a proper restoration can be completed.

“The last thing we want to do is release an inferior version of this material,” Executive Director of Image Comics Eric Stephenson stated. “The more involved we’ve gotten in the restoration process, the more obvious it has become that the files and art we’re working simply aren’t up to par with those used for SILVER STAR. Faced with the decision to either complete a sub-standard edition or do this with the care and fine attention to detail it deserves, we’ve decided to push the book’s release back.”

The choice was simple for Stephenson and company. Image Comics will cancel open orders on CAPTAIN VICTORY and resolicit for first quarter 2008. In addition, Image is putting out a call to all art collectors who in possession of Kirby’s original pages. Anyone with access to original CAPTAIN VICTORY artwork is encouraged to e-mail Image Comics via

Stephenson explained, “With SILVER STAR, John Morrow at TwoMorrows supplied with near-perfect scans of the original pages. Unfortunately, it’s been much harder to track down everything we need for CAPTAIN VICTORY. Nothing beats the quality of scans of Jack’s untouched work. Anyone with access to those pages can help us ensure this will be the best hardcover possible.”

CAPTAIN VICTORY, a 376-page full-color hardcover priced at $44.99, will be resolicited for an early 2008 release.

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