Captain America #30 FIRST LOOK

by Jeff

Since the death of Captain America, his former sidekick Bucky Barnes (now known as the Winter Soldier) has sought to honor his memory—but first he’s gotta survive! In Captain America #30, the next stunning issue in this Eisner Nominated (for “Best Continuing Series”) and Eisner Winning (“Best Writer”) series pits Winter Soldier against a Mighty Avenger, against the sinister Crossbones and against himself! Writer Ed Brubaker and artists Steve Epting & Mike Perkins conclude the top-selling and critically acclaimed “Death of Captain America” story with a bang that will affect everyone close to Cap…and leave your jaw on the floor!

Critics continue to rave about Captain America, with IGN.Com’s Richard George deeming the series a must-read and exclaiming that the series “continues to be one of the best espionage/action books on the market.”

“This series continues to rock the house,” gushed Kevin Powers of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com. “Mike Perkins and Steve Epting continue to deliver some of the finest artwork around.”

It’s the Winter Soldier’s toughest battle yet and it’s all leading up to the senses-shattering Captain America #33, which will leave the Marvel Universe a much different place! And you can’t miss the confrontation you’ve all demanded: Red Skull versus Winter Soldier!

nocover Captain America #30 FIRST LOOK
Captain America #30
aug072212d Captain America #30 FIRST LOOK
Captain America #31

Written by ED BRUBAKER
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—8/30/07, On-Sale—09/19/07


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