Captain Marvel Keys Finally Cooling Down

by Matt Tuck

For months, the Captain Marvel keys dominated sales, and the values have reflected it. But it seems they have seen their peak…except, that is, for an issue of All-New Marvel Now! Point One.

Ever since the first trailer dropped last year, the Captain Marvel keys have gone berserk. From the first appearance of Carol Danvers and Mar-Vell to the debut of Kamala Khan, anything connected to the Captain Marvel mythos has rocketed in value. Now that the movie has premiered, where do the prices stand?

Marvel-Super-Heroes-13-201x300 Captain Marvel Keys Finally Cooling DownMARVEL SUPER-HEROES #13

There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said. Still, the price jump over the past two years has been impressive. In many cases, Carol Danvers’ first appearance has more than doubled in fair market value in that time.

Although prices are still up, the movie’s debut hasn’t caused an additional spike. The rate has slowed for nearly all grades, and they are holding steady at the 12-month FMVs. In some cases, they have even started to fall, though only slightly. Still, if you don’t already have a copy, you’ll have to fork over more than $100. However, it appears that Marvel Super-Heroes #13 has peaked, and prices will gradually come down, though they won’t be at those 2017 values ever again.



Ms-Marvel-1-195x300 Captain Marvel Keys Finally Cooling DownMS. MARVEL #1

Like Marvel Super-Heroes #13, Ms. Marvel #1 has reached its summit. Like everything else Captain Marvel, FMVs soared when the trailer first dropped. They continued to climb into 2019, but the past 90 days are an indication that the mad dash for those Carol Danvers keys is at its end.

As with MSH #13, Ms. Marvel prices boomed. Several grades almost doubled in only a few months time, such as the 8.0, which had a 2017 FMV of $87 that ballooned to $154 in 2018. However, the 8.0, like most other grades of Ms. Marvel #1, have begun to descend, and it currently has a $131 90-day FMV. 

By no means am I saying it isn’t a popular comic among collectors; after all, it remains the best selling bronze age comic with 943 graded issues sold on eBay. Like most comics, the prices peak just before the movie’s premiere and calm down afterwards, and the Captain Marvel keys are no exception.

All-New-Marvel-Now-Point-One-197x300 Captain Marvel Keys Finally Cooling DownALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE #1

The Carol Danvers keys may be plateauing, but Kamala Khan’s first appearance is as hot as ever.

The new Ms. Marvel, she first appeared in 2014’s All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1 and has been popular among collectors since it debuted. At a 9.8, it brought a high of $200 in 2015 and regularly sold for over $130. It steadily rose to an average of $158 two years ago, but since the Captain Marvel hype took hold of pop culture, Marvel Now! Point One has been making huge gains. Last year, it averaged $350, and its obliterated that mark with a 90-day FMV of $486. So far in 2019, it has sold for a record-high $566, and the most recent sale was for $428.

The 9.6’s FMV drops significantly, but it still has a respectable 90-day average of $127. Compare that with the 2017 $52 FMV, and you’ll get an idea of how popular this comic has become.

On a side note, if you happen to have picked up the variant edition and have it in a 9.8, you’ll be happy with this news: one sold for $1,200 last October.

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