Captain Marvel Hysteria

by Matt Tuck

Marvel-Super-Heroes-13-201x300 Captain Marvel HysteriaIt’s official: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 has gotten completely out of hand. We’re heading into Hulk 181 territory with this one. Here’s a breakdown of the latest market activity.

When a 3.0 balloons from under $100 to nearly $300 in 14 months, you can say it is emulating the growth of The Incredible Hulk #181. The fascinating part (or alarming, depending on your perspective) is that all grades of Marvel Super-Heroes #13, featuring the first appearance of future-Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, have increased by three and sometimes four times their previous high sales.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the grades that have sold within the last three months. What you’ll find is that every one – from as high as a 9.2 to as low as a 3.0 – has jumped exponentially. It’s a seller’s market, and that’s not going to change if the Captain Marvel movie is as popular as it’s predicted to be.


PREVIOUS HIGH:  $2,500 (December 2014)

CURRENT HIGH: $5,100 (June 2018)

There have only been two 9.2s sold in the past 90 days, but the last one was mammoth – $4,925 on August 8. The 90-day average of $4,638 has eclipsed its 2017 $2,390 fair market value.


PREVIOUS HIGH:  $1,500 (May 2016)

CURRENT HIGH: $3,995 (September 2018)

This is a great litmus test of how insane the market for Marvel Super-Heroes #13 has gotten. Leading up to this year, the silver-age key had never surpassed the $2K mark. Now that mainstream fans have lost their collective minds over Captain Marvel, it’s just shy of $4k with a 12-month average that stands at $2,163. I just wish I had bought one two years ago when the average was under $1,000.


PREVIOUS HIGH: $1,025 (March 2015)

CURRENT HIGH: $3,100 (September 2018)

For the past three months, the 8.5 has been the hottest of grades on the market. Nineteen have sold in the past 12 months, and seven of those were in the past 90 days. What’s astounding is the pace at which its FMV is climbing. It surpassed $2,000 for the first time on May 26, and there’s been no looking back since. We’ve seen four sales up to this point in September, and two of those have been for $3k or more. Just a year ago, you could have bought one for an average of $682.


PREVIOUS HIGH: $670 (May 2017)

CURRENT HIGH: $2,059 (August 2018)

The new record-high for the 8.0 grade has virtually tripled in a little over a year. By December, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it heads into the $3k range.


PREVIOUS HIGH: $905 (May 2015)

CURRENT HIGH: $1,495 (July 2018)

If you were the one who spent over $900 on a 7.5 Marvel Super-Heroes #13 back in 2015, we might have all laughed at you for being overzealous. At the time, it looked like you overpaid by hundreds, considering that, aside from one $783 sale, it didn’t top $489 from May 2015 to January 2018. Hopefully you didn’t sell for a loss because you would have been rewarded for your patience.


PREVIOUS HIGH: $495 (July 2015)

CURRENT HIGH: $995 (September 2018)

The last sale for the 7.0 was on the cusp of $1k, so it is almost a guarantee that it will exceed the $1,000 mark within weeks, especially when you consider that it’s averaged $935 in the past 90 days.

FINE + 6.5

PREVIOUS HIGH: $342 (May 2017)

CURRENT HIGH: $950 (July 2018)

With a 90-day average of $739 to kick off the mid-grades, this is where you can truly see MSH #13 becoming one of the elite silver-age keys. When the mid-grades start costing you close to $1k, things just got serious.

FINE 6.0

PREVIOUS HIGH: $420 (January 2017)

CURRENT HIGH: $760 (September 2018)

Here’s another collector who seemingly overpaid last year but is now having the last laugh. At the time, paying anything over $275 appeared unreasonable; toss out that $420 sale, and it stayed in the $250 range for the most part. It won’t be long before the 6.0 will be regularly fetching over $800, so it doesn’t look like such a bad decision after all.

FINE – 5.5

PREVIOUS HIGH: $232 (August 2016)

CURRENT HIGH: $600 (June 2018)


PREVIOUS HIGH: $206 (August 2016)

CURRENT HIGH: $500 (September 2018)


PREVIOUS HIGH: $250 (September 2013)

CURRENT HIGH: $412 (September 2018)


PREVIOUS HIGH: $145 (November 2016)

CURRENT HIGH: $340 (September 2018)

GOOD 3.0

PREVIOUS HIGH: $90 (May 2017)

CURRENT HIGH: $285 (August 2018)

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