Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty Shield…at the Multiverse of Madness

by Matt Tuck

050422A-1024x536 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of MadnessMuch more than the Illuminati has been confirmed for Multiverse of Madness, and the trailers have revealed Captain Carter straight from What If…?. That has the collecting world buzzing for these four issues. Spoiler alert!

Multiverse-of-Madness-Captain-Carter-v-Scarlet-Witch-300x146 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of MadnessCAPTAIN CARTER’S RETURN

Ever since the Union Jack was spotted on a Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster, theorists have been waiting for her confirmation. The latest trailers show her throwing her trademark shield adorned with the British flag, and there is no doubt that Captain Carter has arrived in the larger MCU. 

Comic fans first saw her in 2018’s Exiles #2. Only this version was a variant of Captain America, complete with the star-spangled uniform. When she debuted in the premiere episode of last season’s What If…?, Carter swapped the stars and stripes for the Union Jack. At her core, she was still more along the lines of Captain America, and fans loved it. clean-300x131 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of Madness

Of all Marvel’s streaming shows, What If…? had the biggest implications for the entire MCU. Theories abound of how Marvel’s animated wing can connect with the silver screen adventures. It would appear Captain Carter will be the first of many characters to cross between the cartoon realm and live-action. 

Now the question is, how does she fit into MOM? The prevailing idea is that she is a member of the Illuminati, which has taken Strange prisoner. Judging by the trailers, Scarlet Witch arrives to rip apart the council’s headquarters, and Carter is called to action to thwart her. 

Whatever role the alternate Cap plays in MOM, collectors are stockpiling her key issues, beginning with these.

Tales-of-Suspense-77-202x300 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of MadnessTALES OF SUSPENSE #77

With all the fanfare surrounding Captain Carter’s live-action debut, it should lead collectors on a hunt for her first appearance. Long before she became a super soldier, Peggy Carter was a SHIELD agent.

She was partially seen in the distance in Silver Age Tales of Suspense #75 before the full reveal two issues later, which is the more popular of the two comics.

The Captain Carter MOM reveal is already being felt on the secondary market. On April 29, a graded 7.0 sold for $750.

That is the highest grade sold in the past month, and the price was $500 higher than November’s sale.

Exiles-3-198x300 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of MadnessEXILES #3

It was in the pages of Exiles #2 that fans were first treated to Peggy Carter: Captain America. The alternate-reality Captain America would make a brief appearance in this issue alongside the new Valkyrie. However, the issue at the top of everyone’s Captain Carter wish list remains Exiles #3.

Since the new Cap made her MCU debut in What If…?, collectors have been gunning for this comic. Here she made her first full appearance, but more importantly, she is seen on the cover art. 

Since last week, the 9.8 Exiles #3 has been red hot. The last three sales have been for $600+ each, and one set a new record of $685 on May 1. Meanwhile, the cameo first in Exiles #2 has set a record of its own when a 9.8 sold for $200 on April 21.

Captain-Carter-1-198x300 Captain Carter Throws Her Mighty the Multiverse of MadnessCAPTAIN CARTER #1

With Captain Carter’s big reveal in the MOM trailer, we see that she is once again sporting the Union Jack costume. Although the Captain Carter character first appeared in Exiles, many speculators and investors are taking aim at a different debut. This time, it would be the premiere of Captain Carter not as Captain America, but closer to Captain Britain as she was seen in What If…?.

After appearing on the cover of Avengers Forever #1, she would star in her one self-titled comic, Captain Carter #1. Sales have been bubbling over in the past week thanks to the MOM trailers, and that won’t be slowing anytime soon. Although the issue was only released in March, prices have quickly spiked into the $10-$20 range for raw copies. The real money is in the 1:25 ratio variant with an animated Captain Carter on the cover. The last time one of those sold, it brought $182.50 on May 3.


There could be more adventures in store for Captain Carter past MOM. With Steve Rogers out of the picture, she could help fill the void alongside Sam Wilson in the fourth Captain America movie. It is a clear incentive to get your hands on her early appearances before the afterburners kick in.

Are you collecting Captain Carter? Tell us what you’re looking for!

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