Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in ‘New World Order’

by Matt Tuck

012523F-1024x536 Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in 'New World Order'As Marvel Studios digs deeper into the comics for the next stars of stage and screen, it’s no surprise that they are reportedly eying a team of oddballs worthy of this week’s trophy.

There are plenty of villains in line for Captain America: New World Order. Harrison Ford has been cast as Thunderbolt Ross, and the speculation is that he’ll transition into Red Hulk. Then there’s Tim Blake Nelson reprising his role from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, but this time around, he should be in full Leader mode. They likely won’t be alone. There’s been a persistent rumor that Red Skull’s daughter, Sin, will be cast for the movie as well

Serpent-Society-group-shot Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in 'New World Order'

Just when three villains would seem like plenty for Sam Wilson and company, along comes a new round of gossip. The word on the internet is that Marvel plans to bring the D-list supervillains of the Serpent Society to the MCU.

Like so many other comic book teams, the snake-themed bad guys are traditionally punching bags in the grand scheme of Marvel-616. They’re typically connected to Captain America, though they sometimes get their asses kicked by other superheroes as well. 

On that note, let’s dive into those precious key issues you’ll want to grab.


Captain-America-163-200x300 Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in 'New World Order'

The first time readers saw the cold-blooded team, they weren’t the Serpent Society quite yet. No, in 1973, they were the Serpent Squad, and there were just three members: Eel, Cobra, and Viper.

How an eel, which is technically a fish, got into the squad without being a serpent is a mystery to us all, but such are comics of the era.


Captain-America-310-195x300 Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in 'New World Order'

In 1985, the Serpent Squad was ready for a makeover. By this point, the lineup had changed a couple of times, and they would continue to evolve. Still, this is among the most famous roster with the most recognizable name. Here, the Serpent Squad was no more as the Serpent Society was born.

You also get the benefit of having a few first appearances in this issue, including Bushmaster II, Diamondback, Asp, and Rattler, all of whom could appear in the upcoming movie in some form. 


Captain-America-Sam-Wilson-3-198x300 Captain America to Battle the Serpent Society in 'New World Order'

It was only seven years ago that the Marvel editorial team dusted off the Serpent Society concept. This time, they took the team back to its roots with only three members: Viper, King Cobra, and Puff Adder. Sounding more like exterminators than supervillains, they were renamed Serpent Solutions. 

This could be the team we see in New World Order because the story also involved what could be an important figure in the Cap 4 plot—Joaquin Torres, who was introduced in this issue. In the comics, he would go on to become the newest Falcon. Since we’ve already seen him in the MCU after arriving in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the odds are high that he’ll take up the wings in Cap 4. Who better to pit him against than Serpent Solutions?


Considering the sitcom tone of the MCU since basically Endgame’s time heist, it would make perfect sense for Kevin Feige to include the Serpent Squad/Society/Solutions. Forget having a semi-cool modern makeover; this will be full She-Hulk: Attorney at Law corny camp. Of course, when your entire team names themselves after snakes, it’s hard to take them seriously in the first place.

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