Captain America: Character Arc Rumor

by Norman Robinson III

120377_721455054bc160f6f51b3ac5f9593bc73df183d3-196x300 Captain America: Character Arc RumorThe word is out that Chris Evans will probably wrap playing Captain America after Avengers: Endgame. I think most of the fans are ok with that. We are hopeful that another actor would take over Cap’s personae. Recently Chris Evans gave some indication that Captain America’s arc is coming to an end. Now, Captain America has been a big part of the MCU since day one. He has appeared in two successful movies on his own and every Avengers movie to date. If you have been sleeping in a cave in Afganistan than you probably missed the brilliant way Chris Evans has played the character. It is hard to see someone else in that role. However, it will be even worse to see Captain America as a superhero removed from the MCU line up. What key comics will be impacted by this potential change should the hints and rumor-mongering pan out?




Captain America #100

The first titled series in the Silver Age for Cap is Captain America #100. It was published by Marvel with Stan Lee (script) and Jack Kirby (art). This is arguably one of his popular keys, mostly because it is still reasonably priced. Current long-term returns on Captain America #100:

  • Grade 9.8 $5000 FMV returned over the long-term positive +8.9%
  • Grade 8.0 $425 FMV returned over the long-term positive +18.2%
  • Grade 6.5 $290 FMV returned over the long-term positive +21.4%
  • Grade 4.0 $160 FMV returned over the long-term positive +23.7%

It is currently in 13th place in the Silver Age on GoCollect. Unfortunately, Chris Evans made the following comment at a press conference yesterday, Evans stated, “It’s the completion of the arc, that’s safe to say, right?… This movie does provide, kind of an ending to a lot of–” Then Evans was mysteriously cutoff according to (source: CBM-MattisForReal). Now, you can interpret this a ton of different ways. My question is if they kill off Cap will it seriously devalue his keys over the short-term? I believe the answer is yes. How deep the cuts to a valuable comic like Captain America #100 could go is unknown? To give you some idea, there have already been small short-term declines:

  • Grade 9.6 has declined negative -28.4%
  • Grade 8.5 has declined negative -20%

These numbers are just the last four months and do not bode well for Cap’s future returns. Negative returns going into one of the biggest Marvel movies (probably of all time) is not a good sign. Most speculators, I would imagine are selling now to avoid the post-movie drop and unknown wait for the reemergence of a new Cap sometime many years from now.

117165_e6f4b8a75f0df40c7cf85f57c264e26d315d5079-198x300 Captain America: Character Arc RumorAvengers #4

This is the biggie for Captain America, Avengers #4. It is his resurrection and first appearance in the Silver Age. Short-term it is still holding water but barely:

  • Grade 9.4 has returned a positive trend of +7.7%
  • Grade 6.5 has returned a positive trend of +16.8%

The value for a grade 9.4 Avengers #4 is substantial at $14,500 FMV and even a 6.5 grade runs about $1850 FMV. This comic is the first appearance, resurrection of Cap. Also, the first Silver Age appearance of Bucky. Where is Bucky today? Gone, pretty much forgotten in the Marvel landscape. Oh sure, The Winter Soldier is Bucky. Unfortunately, the Bucky sidekick style of character is really not appreciated anymore. This is a big money primary key for Captain America and probably will sustain most if not all of its value long-term. Short-term you are in for a Demon (reference Great America circa the 1980s) of a rollercoaster ride! Hold onto Bucky he might get tossed out of the speculative rollercoaster.


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