Cap Turns Fifty

by Norman Robinson III

120326_dabffdaf3afa8371e8ea760aed4cb6d53233644a-201x300 Cap Turns Fifty

You thought I was talking about Captain America, didn’t you? Wrong. We have another Captain on the scene folks: Captain Marvel. The Captain’s alter ego played by Carol Danvers is celebrating her 50th year anniversary this year. She first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13. This comic book is the original creation of Thomas, Lee, Kirby, Simon, and Everett (script) with Colan, Maneely, Ayers, Kirby, and Romita on art. Marvel is going to showcase this anniversary with five different variant covers across different Marvel issues (CBM). My personal favorite is the Air Force cover from Avengers #4, due out July 4th, 2018.

Marvel Super Heroes #13

Apparently, this powerful woman of the 1960’s is going to appear next year in the movie of Captain Marvel (CBM). What a massive catalyst for her comics. Seeing as this is the first appearance of Danvers in MCU we can expect the origin story. But the diehard Marvel fans know there have been many incarnations of Captain Marvel. This role will be actress Brie Larson’s first appearance as the cosmic Cap. I am not familiar with this actress so we will have to trust Marvel not to screw it up. Ultimately, this movie catalyst is huge for two comics: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968) and Ms. Marvel #1(1977).

Let’s check the numbers and see if we can spot the gold in Marvel’s newest star. The “Psyche-Magnetron” explosion that created Captain Marvel seems to have pushed her vintage comic to new heights of profit (Wiki). Marvel Super-Heroes #13 has a current ROI of 77.4% return in (8.0) over a maximum time frame. The mid-grades have also participated with a showing of between 28% to 43%, a bright and consistently positive return. Even the lower-grades have returned as high as 53.8%, yes the power cosmic is alive and well in this speculation (GoCollect).

Revolutionary Woman

Captain Marvel has had many incarnations over the years from Kree warrior to blond He-man, and even a grey-haired Cap. Given a new century, and the revolution women are demanding on Twitter; it is a good thing we see Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel. We will get a new MCU take on a different kind of superhero: Marvel’s energy blaster. Her superhuman strength, speed, and durability we have already seen in the MCU. But the new powers of energy manipulation, flight, and precognition will be something different and fun. This new level of power is going to be very cinematic. More of an intergalactic level of force similar to say Silver Surfer. Think of Captain Marvel as a low-grade Superwoman with energy blasting powers and great speculative returns.

Spoiler Alert

Have you seen what is probably the best superhero movie of 2018? That is right. I am talking about Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven’t; then stop reading because I am about to disclose a fantastic credit scene after the film is over. Here goes.. Nick Fury and his right-hand lady are incapacitated by the alternative reality that Thanos creates. As Nick is dissolving into pixie dust, he manages to text one last time. The symbol that flashes on his cell phone screen is the star of Captain Marvel. Can Carol Danvers save the day as Captain Marvel against the awesome might of Thanos and his chin?

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